Gourmia Free Fry Air Fryers Ideal for Health-Conscious Individuals to Kick Start Vacated New Year’s Resolutions

Gourmia™, a designer and manufacturer of innovative countertop kitchen appliances, has a great suggestion to help health-conscious individuals resurrect New Year’s resolutions that have fallen to the wayside: any model from its extensive line of compact electric Free Fry Air Fryers. They cook using just air; no oil or fats. Never! The company’s special air-frying technology continuously circulates hot air around food with speed and precision for faster cooking while crisping exteriors and locking moisture into interiors. The result: heart-healthy, calorie-cutting, crispy and delicious meals. A bonus cookbook, filled with healthy recipes, is included with every unit.

“New Year’s was nearly four months ago, so there are probably more than a few people who have abandoned to one degree or another any resolution they made to eat healthier this year,” declared Gourmia founder Heshy Biegeleisen. “Well, they can easily reboot that plan with one of our Gourmia Free Fry Air Fryers. They require absolutely no oil. Healthy, delicious dishes – that will surprise and delight the most finicky eaters as well as satisfy any New Year’s resolution rules – can easily be created in the comfort of one’s own kitchen.”

Gourmia Free Fry Air Fryers are perfect one-stop, go-to healthy-meal makers. With contemporary styling, intuitive, easy-to-use features, an array of safety measures, and a few secrets that enhance their use, they have an identity all their own. Smartly designed and compact, they can be used for a variety of cuisine styles including baking, roasting, grilling, broiling, toasting, or air frying.

Here are three of the oil-free, calorie-cutting healthy-inspired Gourmia Free Fry Air Fryers.

  • GAF355: 2.2-Qt. 1000W Frypod Air Fryer with adjustable 30-minute timer and up to 400°F temperature dial
  • GAF395: 4.5-Qt. 1400W Sahara Air Fryer Classic with RadiVection 360° cooking technology, adjustable timer and temperature dials, and ready light that shows when fryer reaches desired temperature
  • GAF560: 5-Qt. 1500W Fryista Air Fryer 360° Turbo Cook Center with RadiVection 360° cooking technology, adjustable 60-minute timer and up to 400°F temperature dials, stainless steel construction

Each model features rapid air circulation technology that circulates hot air at a speed that fries food entirely without oil, a removable basket pan for easy cleanup, and a design that is perfect for both casual cooks and the most intense chefs.

Visit for a complete listing of models.

All of these Gourmia multi-function electric Free Fry Air Fryers are available now at and other popular online sites.

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