Historic Summit on Focused on Men’s Health Reaches Over 80K

 CHICAGO /PRNewswire/ — (BDO) in partnership with the Rodham Institute at George Washington University broadcasted a historical Men’s Health Summit (MHS). This virtual summit was held in honor of the observance of Men’s Health Awareness Month and reached over 80K. Building upon the previous success of the State of Black Health (January), Minority Health (April), and Women’s Health Summit (May), the MHS addressed health challenges disproportionately impacting men’s health and offered real-time, real-life solutions. The five virtual panels featured some of the nation’s top Black experts as they engaged with Black Men from all walks of life. The panelists offered frank, practical, and culturally relevant solutions to how Black men can incorporate a healthy lifestyle gameplan that puts them in control of their health and their happiness.

Men’s Health Summit Featured Panels on

The MHS spoke directly to men’s issues with two fun and lively discussions on sexual health and weight loss from a male perspective. These panels really made men “stand up” and pay attention. As Dr. Griggs stated, “If you want your soldiers to fight, you have to give them the right fuel to be in the battle.” Additionally, the partnership with Cedars-Sinai Hospital resumed with a pancreatic cancer panel. This panel was also broadcasted in Spanish on BDO’s Daily Vitamina Facebook page. In addition to Cedar-Sinai, BDO partnered with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) on two panels discussing multiple myeloma and clinical trials, respectively. This summit serves as the latest brand extension for BDO who is the leading provider of culturally relevant health and wellness information for Black Americans.

BDO will continue their summit series in August by hosting a Healthy Kids Summit to get parents up-to-date on immunizations, ADHD, participating in sports and other health issues impacting children as they prepare to return to school. The Healthy Kids Summit will be looking for more partnerships with organizations dedicated to bringing the best health and wellness information to their audience. BDO is committed to eliminating the life expectancy gap for Black Americans and servicing the entire family.

For more information, please contact Ellis Dean at (Email: [email protected]). is the leading health and wellness destination for Black Americans. With a monthly reach of 20 million, BDO leverages culture, content and technology to transform people’s lives for the better. Editorially, BDO shares culturally relevant tips and strategies on health, wellness, lifestyle and longevity. BDO is where wellness and culture connect!” 


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