The Hottest Trend for Dogs: Leashes That “SPEAK” Their Thoughts

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Smarty Paws is passionate about dogs and believes the time has come to give our smart canine friends a means to express their (previously untranslated) thoughts and attitudes to humans when they’re out in the world. What a more perfect way than big words on leashes that make people take notice and even laugh!

The Smarty Paws web site implies that eight Smarty Paws dogs actually came up with the “talking” leashes idea because they thought “it was about time we were recognized for our different attitudes. We told our humans we wanted the leashes to speak our minds – like their T-shirts. They get them made and deal with our customers, but we’re the ones in charge and make sure that a percentage of sales goes to support rescue organizations!”

Each of the Smarty Paws dogs gives reasons for their favorite “attitude” leash: I’m the One In Charge!, Rescued Dogs Rule! Open To Selfies With You! My Mom’s Single! Ignore the Squirrel…Seriously?, Who’s Walking Who? Obedience School Dropout! and My Dad’s Single!

Bella, a very happy dog with a new forever family shares her thoughts on her favorite Smarty Paws leash! (PRNewsfoto/The Smarty Paws)

Marnie Tenden, the main human behind the scenes, states, “Dogs are smart. And smart dog owners who have ‘conversations’ with their dogs, and translate their thoughts and attitudes to other humans, now have a fun and easy way to have their dog do the talking. Proud dog owners can now give their dog a voice!”

Smarty Paws leashes are not novelty items. The 6 foot leashes are of a strong 2-ply nylon construction designed to last. They come in red or black, both with silver embroidery. Matching collars in medium and large are also available.

Amazon reviews have been glowing:

“These leashes are beautiful, sturdy and a funny conversation starter. I always get comments on mine!”

“Love, love, love Leonardo’s new leash on life. Such a perfect accessory for one very photogenic 4-legged friend! Great quality too.”

“Everyone comments on my leash, Rescued Dogs Rule! I’m a proud dog and Smarty Paws leash owner.”

Smarty Paws leashes can be purchased on the website and via a Smarty Paws leashes search on Amazon. Follow the activities of The Smarty Paws on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

The Smarty Paws gang and their favorite (PRNewsfoto/The Smarty Paws)

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