How One Mom is Helping Girls Combat Poor Self Esteem and “Mean Girls” After Being Challenged by her 9-Year-Old Daughter

The recently launched Empowered Girl App is a platform for Clever, Creative, and Inquisitive girls. It was created by Maria Fuller, mother of two and founder of the Raising a Powerful Girl platform and podcast. The app was designed to provide a valuable and engaging online experience for young girls that teaches them the personal development skills they need, and introduces them to inspirational women and girl role models.

Maria became determined to create the Empowered Girl App after finding herself frustrated that there were no online experiences made for girls that were fun, educational, inspiring, and that she felt good letting her daughter use. Built around the 6 tenets of Mindfulness, Gratitude, Mindset, Purpose, Humanitarianism, and Relationships, the app focuses on creativity, Bullet Journaling, and inspiring stories and interviews with women and girls. Featured stories on the app include those of gold medal paralympian and Dancing with the Stars participant Victoria Arlen, international motivational speaker Vanessa Sam, and sisters Mena and Zena Nasiri, who started a non-profit to collect donations in order to buy books featuring female Muslim characters and donate them to school districts and libraries. The app shares not only their achievements, but their struggles as well, creating a sense of relatability and belonging. With isolation being one of the major contributing factors to increasing rises in anxiety and depression in tweens and teens, Maria wanted to create a space where girls would not feel alone in their journey, but instead find a community of like-minded women and girls.

In Maria’s own words, “I wanted to create an online experience for my daughter that was not only educational but inspiring as well. I wanted to give her the skills to deal with normal life stress, goal setting and time management skills, to help her create healthy habits. I also wanted to surround her with inspiring women and girls that are doing amazing work, and share their vulnerabilities and courage through the things that challenge them! I created this platform for my daughter, for all girls, and for my 10-year-old self.”

The app is receiving rave reviews. Heather, mother to 9-year-old Quinn, wrote “This has been such a gift for us and I know my daughter will be stronger because of it.” It is similarly loved by the girls that use it. “My friends are always asking me about it, we love watching the stories of other girls,” said Alyssa, age 12.

This platform is an incredible “Must Have” in every growing girl’s treasure chest, and it makes an empowering holiday gift that parents can feel good about giving and receiving. The platform is accessible from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. To find out more please visit

Girl using the platform on mobile device

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