IntelliSense Systems Provides New Weather Sensing Technology to California Firefighters

TORRANCE, Calif. /PRNewswire/ — IntelliSense Systems Inc. (ISS) a wholly owned subsidiary of Physical Optics Corporation’s (POC) announced today that it has been directly involved in supporting the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection in its effort to control the devastating fires in Southern California.  IntelliSense Systems is actively supporting the 2017 wildfire season which recently became the most destructive on record.  With a wide range of technologies, ISS saw an opportunity to help the local firefighting community with technology initially developed for the Department of Defense. The Cal Fire team accepted assistance in the form of ISS’s Micro Weather Sensor (MWS)™. The Cal Fire team immediately deployed six units to different locations surrounding the Thomas fire in Ventura County. The MWS™ provided remote and unattended, critical information to Cal Fire leadership making time-sensitive decisions on how to employ their firefighters and mitigate the already significant destruction.

IntelliSense’s rapid response and willingness to assist enabled Cal Fire to gain some ground on the widespread fires. Stephen Volmer, Operations Captain at Cal Fire commented, “This is a perfect product for the fire service. The MWS performed very well and provided accurate and helpful weather data.” The technology provided vital weather parameters such as wind speed and direction, temperature and visibility to firefighters on the ground.  This real-time information helped predict where firefighters would need to concentrate their efforts and provided situational awareness pertaining to where and when evacuation was required.

Currently, IntelliSense Systems continues to employ these units to assist Cal Fire.  The intent for future operations is to have these remote sensors permanently available and rapidly emplaced throughout Southern California counties to allow an increased level of prediction and monitoring in areas most susceptible to wildfires. The lead time the MWS™ can provide to the firefighting teams responsible for saving lives and infrastructure will be essential for future disaster prevention and mitigation.

“We are proud that we are able to answer the call and know that our technology is making a difference. Our goal is to enhance the capability of the men and women risking their lives to save others during these disastrous events. ISS will continue to explore opportunities to assist Cal Fire and all of our first responders with cutting edge technology that provides solutions to the challenges they face,” said Frank Willis, SVP, IntelliSense Systems.

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