Introducing BRAVO SIERRA: The First Military-Native Performance Wellness Company

Today, BRAVO SIERRA is launching the first military-native performance wellness company, bringing high-performance personal care products to the military patron and direct-to-consumer. BRAVO SIERRA incubates and stress-tests performance-oriented goods through a unique Active Duty Field Testing Program with over 1,000 members of U.S. Special Operations Forces (Army Rangers, Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Marine Raiders) for both military and civilian consumers. The launch range features a complete personal care set of eight everyday essentials for hair, body and face. All products are engineered through social manufacturing, directly engaging BRAVO SIERRA’s core military community and serving as the company’s R&D center to generate unparalleled insight towards high value innovation.

BRAVO SIERRA captured by Eros Hoagland

Designed to fit today’s ultra-active lifestyle, BRAVO SIERRA’s best-in-class innovation includes first-to-market technologies such as the first non-flammable, hydrocarbon-free propellant; biodegradable, antibacterial “tactical shower” body wipes; the first 4-in-1 wash and shave and the first foam-to-cream shaving technology. All formulas include BRAVO SIERRA’s key ingredients – energizing Ginseng, soothing Aloe Vera and antioxidant Blue Algae, with select products featuring a signature scent of White Vetiver, Virginian Cedarwood and Juniper Berries. Made in the USA from start to finish, all products are clean, vegan, cruelty-free and formulated without parabens, phthalates, SLS/SLES or phenoxyethanol. Priced from $5 to $14, all packaging components are Cradle-to-Cradle certified.

“We believe the U.S. military established the original wellness lifestyle – optimized physical and mental fitness – founded on a unifying ethos of respect, service and integrity. Our service members deserve the best achievements our industry can provide. If our products are good enough for them, then we are confident that they will outperform expectations of the high performance seeking civilian,” said company Co-founder Justin Guilbert. “Our military community deserves dedicated best-in-class health and wellness products that combine innovation, outstanding quality with performance at affordable prices,” commented Co-founder Benjamin Bernet.

BRAVO SIERRA Co-founders Justin Guilbert and Benjamin Bernet are successful personal care and nutrition entrepreneurs who have played leading roles at beauty, grooming and wellness brands. They are accompanied by an exceptional founding team of design, manufacturing and technology experts that include special operations military veterans in key development and activation roles.

Committed to shared success with the military community, BRAVO SIERRA has pioneered a revenue share model contributing 5% of all sales to the Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) programs dedicated to the well-being of U.S. military service members, veterans and their families.

BRAVO SIERRA’s proposition has found support in an exceptional group of investment partners delivering a $6.75Mseed round of funding earlier this year, led by Global Founders Capital, with participation from Canaan Partners, Mousse Partners, BoxGroup, Redo Ventures and Grace Beauty Capital. In addition to further accelerating the company’s growth, the capital will allow BRAVO SIERRA to invest in its social manufacturing technology and bring to market its community-generated personal care and nutrition product pipeline while further engaging with its military ecosystem.

BRAVO SIERRA was first made available to military patrons in a strategic partnership with military channel agency experts at Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy Exchanges worldwide in early August and will be available direct-to-consumer beginning August 21st on and @bravosierra_usa.


TACTICAL SHOWER: Antibacterial Body Wipes, $10.50 – 10 wipes per bag

  • Innovation: 100% biodegradable, alcohol-free, kills 99.9% of bacteria in 60 seconds
  • Use: Go the extra mile when it comes to a “quick wipe-down” with ten individually wrapped, extra thick body cloth wipes that cleanse, refresh and deodorize your whole body from head-to-toe.

ALL TERRAIN HYGIENE: Hair/Body/Face Wash & Shave, $9.50 – 9oz

  • Innovation: The first 4-in-1 hygiene solution, in a transformative gel-to-foam texture.
  • Use: Upon contact with water, this multi-purpose gel turns into a dense lather – using a gentle, hydrocarbon-free agent for the first time in the industry. Great for your skin and the environment.

SHARPER SHAVER: Shaving Foam, $8.50 – 7oz

  • Innovation: The first sulfate-free and hydrocarbon-free shaving foam, engineered with a unique non-flammable, climate-friendly propellant to create a skin-protective foam-to-cream texture, specifically for sensitive skin.
  • Use: With or without water, cold or hot, use this foam-to-cream for a close, comfortable shave.


  • Innovation: Formulated without aluminum salts or baking soda, this proprietary Cassava Plant Root based formula delivers all-day odor-blocking potency, without irritating sensitive skin. Engineered with an innovative plant-derived, bio-based propylene glycol (non-petroleum derived).
  • Use: Apply in the morning and as needed for all-day odor protection and sweat prevention.

GROWN-UP HAIR PASTE: Hair Grooming Paste, $10.50 – 3oz

  • Innovation: Medium-hold, matte finish cream paste formulated without preservatives or silicone.
  • Use: Apply the cream paste to any hair texture, damp or dry, to achieve any style with ease. Non-shiny, non-sticky.


  • Innovation: A specially-developed, fast-absorbing gel lotion free of parabens, PEGs, mineral oil and phenoxyethanol that uses apple fruit extract to maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier without the need for silicone.
  • Use: Use this fast-absorbing, non-oily gel-lotion for all-day skin hydration. Also works great as an after-shave lotion.

FACE PROTECTOR: Face Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30, $13.50 – 3oz

  • Innovation: Ultra-lightweight, fragrance-free, fast-absorbing face lotion for daily sun protection. Formulated with reef-friendly sun filters.
  • Use: Apply this UVA/UVB protection lotion for daily use – absorbs fast, even through facial hair. Stays out of the eyes, even when sweating.

LIP SERVICE: Lip Balm, $5.00 – 0.4oz

  • Innovation: EWG-verified, fragrance-free, aroma-free, flavor-free. Replaces petrolatum-based formula with natural Murumuru butter for all-day protection and hydration.
  • Use: A quick swipe of this non-greasy, non-oily lip balm is all you need to maintain healthy lips or repair chapped lips.

BRAVO SIERRA is the first military-native performance wellness company, pioneering a user-driven performance personal care and nutrition organization developed within the U.S. military community. Powered by the unparalleled insight generated through social manufacturing – including direct collaboration with its core community of 1,000 U.S. Special Operations Forces – the company delivers performance goods with unprecedented responsiveness and accuracy for those who serve and for the benefit of all. Designed to support and enhance today’s ultra-active lifestyle and engineered with critically relevant innovation and stress-tested in the field, the products include first-to-market technologies and formulas that are clean, vegan, and cruelty-free. All products are made in the USA from start to finish – at affordable prices. BRAVO SIERRA is built around a revenue share model contributing 5% of all sales to the Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) program, which offers a complete range of community support and quality of life programs for members of the U.S. Armed Forces, their families, retirees and veterans.

BRAVO SIERRA products are available to qualified military patrons at Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy bases worldwide  and to all at and @bravosierra_usa.





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