Ironwood Cookware Launched on Kickstarter

Ironwood is a modern, design-focused approach to cast iron cookware. Our inaugural product—the Ironwood Skillet—was designed with both performance and presentation in mind.

“There is no reason a cast iron skillet needs to look like an outdated farm tool,” said Ted Burdett, Ironwood’s principal designer. “Our goal with ironwood is bring the durability and natural beauty of cast-iron skillet into the 21st century.”

Ironwood incorporates all the new aspects of the modern skillet manufacturing (machined smooth, lightweight and pre-seasoned), but the design is deliberately focused on usability and presentation. Each skillet comes with its own solid wood trivet and serving spoon. The trivet and skillet nest with one another for stability and heat protection, and the wooden serving spoon nestles into the form of the skillet handle.

Our goal is to help home chefs make beautiful food at home. We believe that cookware can be serveware, and that the ability to bring a meal directly from the kitchen to the table helps everyone enjoy the process of a home-cooked meal a little bit more.

The ironwood skillet set is available for pre-order on kickstarter. The suggested retail price is $75 for the skillet and $110 for the skillet set (skillet, spoon and trivet).

Ironwood is a cast iron cookware company

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