Italia I Love You brings New Yorkers to Italy without leaving their apartments

NEW YORK, March 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Finally, thanks to Italia I Love You, New Yorkers will be able to celebrate special events where both host and guests will be taken on an authentic and unique journey filled with the richest tastes, music, ambiance and décor typical of Italy.

Italia I Love You takes care of every single detail as to make the event truly unique and special bringing together many uniquely-Italian elements to create an immersive experience that won’t be soon forgotten. From the food to the entertainment, from the décor to the make-up and hair. Everything will be authentic Italian.

You will have Italian-born actors and actresses share anecdotes on recipes, ingredients and the regions they come from. Make-up artists and hair stylists create memorable looks for the hosts, helping to select the right outfit to feel “beautifully Italian” for the night. Florists and decorators will work their magic and create the ideal ambiance for the event.

No Italian experience is complete without excellent food. The chefs (native-born Italians) are well-renowned in the international culinary world and have trained in Italy in addition to years of experience in New York. The menus, inspired by famous Italian operas, movies or poems, represent different culinary journeys across Italian regions and traditions (always allowing the opportunity to customize the menus based on dietary restrictions).

Have a very special occasion to celebrate with your loved ones? Italia I Love You gives the possibility to enjoy an exceptional dinner prepared by VIP Chefs, such as Paola Aranci, Executive Chef with years of experience at the service of New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio (at Gracie Mansion), the King of Morocco, and many other international personalities.

New Yorkers interested in browsing through the various experiences and booking a uniquely-Italian dinner can do so on the website You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram @italiaily.

SOURCE Italia I Love You