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This week’s E.coli outbreak has left produce shelves bare, with the exception of little leaf farms® baby greens.  little leaf farms® baby greens lettuces are raised to be the safest, most nutritious and best tasting product on your store shelf and are unaffected by this outbreak. “We are proud to say that little leaf lettuces are completely safe,” said founder Paul Sellew, “our state-of-the-art greenhouse growing process ensures we can deliver safe and delicious crispy baby greens to our customers year-round.”

While the source of this latest E.coli outbreak has not been determined, previous outbreaks have been connected to contaminated water supply.  little leaf farms® baby lettuces are grown hydroponically using 100% captured rainwater, eliminating the risk of contamination that often arises when water comes in contact with ground surfaces.  Furthermore, all water is disinfected prior to coming in contact with the lettuce providing multiple layers of protection.  “One of the many benefits of greenhouse grown produce is our ability to completely control the environment.  Every aspect of our growing system is carefully monitored to ensure complete safety of our lettuce,”  said Sellew. “We’ve created a unique production system that ensures our greens are Clean From the Start™. By using a specially designed growing system, our baby greens are seeded, grown, cut and packaged without being touched by human hands.”

Locally grown, little leaf farms® lettuce varieties are widely available at retailers in the northeast.  Visit for store listings.

About little leaf farms
Paul Sellew had a vision for New England – a locally grown salad that was available year-round. Realizing the opportunity to revolutionize the West Coast-dominated lettuce industry, Paul took to designing the most sustainable technology for growing lettuce in New England. In Fall 2015, Paul was joined by Tim Cunniff, and little leaf farms® broke ground on the first phase of their 10-acre greenhouse development and began to line up customers.

Today, little leaf farms® is proud to have built the most technologically-advanced, lettuce growing greenhouse in the world. And Paul and Tim are excited to share with you the freshest, best tasting baby lettuces available in New England. little leaf farms® lettuce can be found at a variety of natural, specialty, and traditional grocers, throughout the northeast.


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