Manuka Honey Could Help Strengthen the Body’s Immune System Defenses

German natural health company, Manukana, began only two years ago, and is already acclaimed for the high quality grade of Manuka honey used in all of their wellness products. Grischa Eichfuss, founder of Manukana, says he started this brand because he was disappointed by low quality standards held by other Manuka honey products. Manukana says they are a world leader in Manuka honey quality, certified as an organic product in the United States and Europe. But besides just selling an organic product, Manukana also utilizes only plastic free packaging, decreasing plastic waste at the consumer level, and protecting the honey contained therein. Manukana says they worry that so many brands today are using  plastic to sell their honey, when the plastic packaging has been proven to leach into the honey itself, diminishing an otherwise healthy product.

While all honey contains healing properties, Manuka honey is particularly special because it is harvested exclusively from bee hives that feed on the flowers of the Manuka bush. The Manuka bush has been used in traditional medicine by the Māori people, who are native to the New Zealand area. According to a 2018 study published in the scientific journal, AIMS Microbiology, Manuka honey is not only said to be an antibacterial and an antimicrobial, but it is also said to have immune boosting qualities that are unrivaled in other types of honey.

The element of Manuka honey that gives it its antibacterial quality is Methylglyoxal, or MGO. MGO is normally found in all types of honey, but the levels of MGO in Manuka honey are far higher than in other strands. The more MGO is present, the higher the rate of antibiotic properties. This is because the Manuka flower, from which Manuka honey is made is high in the compound dihydroxyacetone, from which MGO is derived.

Manuka honey is used in traditional medicine as a topical treatment on wounds, and burns, and in some instances, doctors are able to make a graft like bandage that completely covers the wound, helping to keep it clean while it heals, made entirely out of Manuka honey.

Currently, Manuka honey is a topic of popular research because, according to WebMD, while it has potent antibacterial properties, it does not come with the dangerous side effect of bacterial resistance that often results from use of antibiotics. This means that normally when antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections, even when the treatment is successful, that strain of bacteria learns from the process, so to speak, and over time people can build up bacterial strains in their body that are resistant to specific antibiotics. This is one of the key advantages to attempting to treat ailments naturally; the less antibiotic-resistant bacteria exists in the world of human diseases, the better.

But turning to natural products, like Manuka honey can be a big leap of faith. Since Manuka honey is considered a high-end product, many companies have claimed to be “the real deal” but were not actually supplying legitimate Manuka honey.

Manukana stands by their products as meeting all the rigorous demands to certify them as the best quality in New Zealand Manuka honey, calling it as sweet as it is natural: the perfect home remedy.


SOURCE Manukana

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