Marshalls Unveils Wedding Trends Steeped In Surprise For The Big Day, Gifting Trends

A recent survey of engaged couples found one in three are planning non-traditional weddings, nodding to cultural shifts nationally. Even more so, 83 percent are tossing traditional elements if they are not meaningful to them. With that in mind, Marshalls took a closer look at couples embracing surprising wedding experiences in the same way the retailer surprises shoppers with every visit.

“Shifting trends around weddings open the door to new ways of celebrating and gifting the special couples in our lives,” said Victoria Shonkoff, Marshalls vice president, marketing director. “We take pride in offering thoughtful, quality gift options at prices you’ll love and we’re excited to inspire shoppers to think beyond a registry and consider giving more personalized gifts.”

As more couples opt for the thrill of non-traditional weddings, gifting expectations for weddings are also shifting. Two out of three engaged couples are hoping for surprising or unexpected wedding gifts, and 42 percent are even forgoing the long-held tradition of registries altogether.

“Gone are the days of the standard wedding gifts of china, silverware and linens. Couples today crave thoughtful, useful gifts that speak to their personalities,” said etiquette expert Lizzie Post, great-great granddaughter of Emily Post. “This is why I’m happy to partner with Marshalls. They have a variety of high-quality gift options which makes picking a personal gift and surprising the couple that much more fun!”

Post offers gifting tips for loved ones celebrating couples who jump right into the fun of marriage:

  • Registries are a convenience for guests, but certainly never mandatory. Sixty-four percent of couples want to be surprised regardless of whether they have a registry. Use the registry as a guide for the couples’ style and needs, and embrace the thrill of discovering something unexpected.
  • Create a custom gift basket for your couple! Mix and match products that reflect the couples’ interests and taste. Just like every wedding, no two Marshalls are the same, with a fresh mix of trends to find perfect items for your gift basket each time you visit.
  • Eighty-one percent of women describe themselves as fun, flexible wedding planners, and are open to surprise. If you know a couple like this, consider pairing a thoughtful gift with an enjoyable experience. For example, find some high-quality wine glasses and pair it with a wine tasting class. It allows the couple to open something immediately as well as look forward to an experience.
  • There is no rule on how much to spend on wedding gifts; let your budget and relationship with the couple guide your spending. Marshalls is a great solution for thoughtfully curated gifts at incredible prices.
  • Fifty-one percent of couples reserve spending money on traditional wedding expenses to splurge on a better honeymoon. Luggage and other travel finds can be some of the least thought of, and most appreciated gifts couples receive.
  • Don’t forget your bridal party! It’s courteous to give a gift to each member of the bridal party as a thank you for their love and support. Marshalls makes it easy with a wide selection of home accents or handbags for bridesmaids and socks or ties for groomsmen.
  • Wedding gifts can be sent before the wedding, brought to the wedding or sent up to three months after the wedding. This makes it easy to take your time and get something you really feel great about giving.
  • Thank-you notes are crucial to good bridal couple etiquette and Marshalls has an impressive supply of thank-you notes and stationery to help make the process fun and personal! Remember, try to get thank-you notes sent out as gifts come in – your hands will thank you later!

From curated bridal baskets to essentials for their new home, Marshalls is the destination for the more personalized gifts couples are seeking. Find your closest Marshalls location at


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