Nav Awards its First $10,000 Small Business Grant – The Next Grant Contest is Scheduled for June 15, 2018, a free site and app for small business owners to access their business credit scores and get matched to financing options, announced the winner of its inaugural “Legitify Your Small Business Grant.” The contest, launched in February, awarded $10,000in cash to founder and CEO of Founding Foods, Rachel Irons.

The response to the grant contest was inspiring. In total, Nav received an incredible 347 submissions. To be considered, one of the main requirements was writing a brief story about a business challenge the business owner was facing or had overcome.

“We were blown away by the perseverance shown by the applicants’ stories and it underscored the tenacity required to follow your business dream,” said Lydia Roth, Nav’s marketing manager who spearheaded the project. “Access to financing, like business loans and business credit cards was a common pain point.”

Irons’ submission about Founding Foods stood out to the Nav selection committee for a number of reasons — but in particular how her business had a unique challenge and clear plan for how the extra capital could help. Like most small business owners, access to capital was the single-biggest issue Founding Foods dealt with. You can read the full interview about her business here.

“We’ve been stuck trying to find the money to help us scale the business and sell our wild boar jerky in stores,” said Irons. “We needed to partner with a co-packer to use a USDA-certified kitchen, but they require significantly more meat. This grant money will help us buy enough to crank out more product and turn this into a national brand.”

Founding Foods’ story is unique because not only is Irons expanding her business, she’s tackling an environmental problem, too. The company makes its jerky out of wild boar, an invasive species that damages agriculture and can transmit disease. And here’s the kicker: Irons has actually been a vegetarian for ten years but she tested the product to feel confident in its quality.

Inspired and encouraged by the success of their first grant content, Nav’s second “Legitify Your Small Business Grant” is schedule to launch on June 15, 2018. It will feature both a $10,000 grand prize and smaller prizes for runners-up. More information and details about this grant and contest can be read at

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