Got Beats? Austin White Does It All on His Debut Single “Cinematic”

LOS ANGELES, July 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Culturelost presents their first release from newly re-branded artist/producer, Austin White. A drummer, first and foremost, Austin provides the chops necessary to bring sounds to life, with Hip-hop inspired percussion and a clean, modern production style. A seemingly perfect foundation for his reminiscent vocal melodies. No stranger to recording, previously known for his rap, Austin launches his new artistry with a more soulful sound and approach. His Debut Single Cinematic slows down time, putting you in a dream state, guiding you through a dynamic journey, ending with a powerful live guitar solo, showcasing his vulnerability as a true performer and artist.

The song dances the line between Modern Soul and Alternative Hip Hop, with a lush piano sneaking through the mix, and sharp drum cadences to keep your head bobbing. Recorded, performed, produced, and engineered by Austin, Cinematic is drenched with creativity and vocal nuances, giving nearly every element a personal touch. Stream Cinematic now on all available platforms.

Born in the capital city Madison, but growing up in a small town, Shullsburg, WI, Austin resorted to music as his outlet, soothing the common frustrations of a “big mind in a little city.” Early on, he moved back to Madison, releasing a collaboration EP that would grant his first glance of exposure. He then journeyed into the unknown, moving to Arizona, and later California to finish the Master Recording Program at The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences, where he studied Music Production and Engineering. Austins’ talents and tenacity to bring only the best to the table is why he’s been featured everywhere from local publications, like Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, to major outlets like MTV. “He’s a wiz in the studio!” says Luis Moreno, an engineer/producer who works with Top40 Artists.

Currently, Austin anticipates his second single approaching late 2018, and holds comments on rumored chatter of an EP. Be sure to keep up with Austin everywhere

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Austin White-American Modern Soul Artist/Producer (PRNewsfoto/Austin White)

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Austin White is an emerging American Modern Soul Artist and Music Producer based in Hollywood, California.


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