New CPA ad campaign plays off stereotype

TORONTO – Debunking the myth of the “boring” accountant is the theme of this year’s Chartered Professional Accountant national advertising campaign. Designed to shift perceptions, it emphatically and humorously refutes the CPA as a “pencil-pusher” stereotype.

Developed by the Canadian CPA profession and its new advertising agency, DentsuBos, the $5-million, multi-media campaign creatively illustrates the diverse range of roles that CPAs play.

“The stereotype is addressed head on and promptly turned upside down,” explains Sébastien Rivest, Chief Creative Officer DentsuBos Canada & General Manager of DentsuBos Montreal. “This provides an effective platform from which to demonstrate the real-world impact and value of Canadian CPAs.”

The professionals showcased in this campaign range from business advisors in Canada’s C-suites to mould-breaking entrepreneurs making a difference around the world. “Vivid examples of CPAs’ ingenuity and impact will be on display,” says Carol Wilding, CEO of CPA Ontario.

“The message is clear: CPAs are Canada’s pre-eminent accounting and business professionals – no matter what the business,” stresses Heather Whyte, a senior vice-president with CPA Canada.

While the campaign is primarily focused on reaching Canada’s business leaders, another goal is to strengthen CPAs’ pride in their designation. The hope is that many CPAs will see their own accomplishments reflected in this campaign.

“The campaign profiles dynamic CPAs who are shattering the ‘boring’ stereotype every day,” adds Sébastien. “It kicks off with a high-energy TV spot and also will include multiple print, out-of-home and online video examples of the exciting and sometimes unconventional roles that CPAs play.”

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