New Invention Helps Combat Infection Spread

In a significant contribution in the fight against the public spread of infections, Wello® is launching an FDA-Cleared, self-service screening tool for body temperature monitoring called the welloStationX™.

Already popular with DFW healthcare and long-term care facilities, the welloStationX is a clinically-tested, hands-free, non-contact technology to assess body temperatures. Since elevated body temperatures can be indicative of the presence of infection, temperature monitoring can be the first step in minimizing the public spread.

“Fever is the best indicator of potential contagiousness,” says Dr. Murray L. Cohen, Epidemiologist and certified Industrial Hygienist with 21 years of Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) experience in disease control. “Although fever is your body’s first immune system tool to fight off infection, you are potentially contagious via shedding and spreading pathogens.”

Slowing or stopping the spread of infection, such as Ebola or influenza, has the potential of making a positive impact on the health and wellness of society. Listed as a top 10 cause of death in western countries, influenza is the #1 reason for workplace productivity loss in the United States.

With its mission of “Making Wellness Epidemic”, Wello designed the welloStationX self-service kiosk or desktop station as a tool to help facilities discretely identify people with elevated temperatures. Using infrared technology, a person’s temperature is taken in three seconds and an “I’m Wello” identification sticker is dispensed for temperatures below the threshold (Default < 99.5°F). When a temperature above the threshold is detected, no sticker is issued, and an alert is sent to facility personnel.

“We envision welloStationX becoming a standard of care in infection control, especially when caring for immunocompromised patients and other susceptible populations,” says Rik Heller, President, Wello.  With an accuracy of +/- 0.2°C, welloStationX is available and shipping to a variety of facilities worldwide.

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About Wello

Wello Inc. is an infection-control company that designs technology to help prevent the spread of infection.  Their stated mission is to “Make Wellness Epidemic.” Located in Dallas, TX, Wello has wellness solutions for multiple industries including healthcare, corrections and border surveillance.  Wello’s technologies contribute to the safety and wellness of workers and the general public. For more information, please visit:


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