New Year Resolution: Make Social Media More Meaningful

PHILADELPHIA — Biopage, a new social media platform, is giving people a different option to do their social media: more writing, less digital content, to make social media more meaningful to their life.

BioPage founder Paul Wang said he was inspired to create this new platform after hearing more and more people complain other social media platforms.

“I quit Facebook.” We hear it often nowadays.

“Social media is fun. We see beautiful pictures and fantastic videos, tons of them, every single day, every second. And more often than not, we see tons of boring pictures and videos, and ugly ones.

Social media is fun also because it can be so spontaneous. You post a picture or video then you forget about it, such as self-deleting Snapchat posts.

More and more people feel it is too much. It is overwhelming. It is confusing. We are drowned in the digital contents, feel lost, and don’t remember who we are.”

People want a more meaningful side of social media, when more thoughtful, mindful, and longer lasting messages are being shared.

Biopage lets you first write your bio to describe who you are, and why you want to come to the world of social media. You may portrait yourself as a freelance writer, an entrepreneur, an aspiring artist, a world-traveling photographer, or a young professional starting a career.

You can write your bio in a few words, or a few paragraphs, up to 5000 characters or about 1000 words. People are frustrated with the little amount of space that other sites gave them to write bio for expressing themselves to define and build a personal brand.

“To communicate with clarity and depth, nothing is better than the real language, with words,” Wang said.

BioPage lets users post “Updates” in a mini essay style, to have a title and multiple paragraphs, and to include a properly chosen photo or short video.

BioPage promotes simplicity and minimalism in social media. It limits the number of updates to two posts per day, preventing users from being bombarded with news feed and having to scroll through post after post just to keep up with it all.

Biopage also hosts a mini-essay writing contest to offer $1000 award to the top winner.

“BioPage provides a space for simple, clear, and more meaningful communication. It lets users really dive in and tell their story, and be successful in career and social life. There’s a focus on writing, which provides many benefits related to social ability, mental health, and general happiness,” Wang said.

To download the BioPage mobile app, visit the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android. For more information, visit




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