NHL All-Star Goalie Mike Smith Is ‘Out Of A Job’ Protecting Garage Doors From Hockey Pucks

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., /PRNewswire/ — LINE-X, a global leader in extreme performance protective coatings with proprietary technologies and stylish truck accessories, has teamed up with  NHL All-Star goalie Mike Smith to show yet another way LINE-X’s incredible protective coatings can go #OutsideTheBedliner by protecting garage doors from rain, snow, dust, dents and even – hockey pucks. The new video, released this week in Canadian and U.S. markets, pokes fun at the lengths a family goes to in order to allow their son to practice hockey in their driveway without damaging the garage door – including hiring all-star goalie Mike Smith to block pucks. Unfortunately, even having an All-Star goalie in your driveway isn’t enough to protect your garage door from pucks and the elements – but LINE-X is!

Since LINE-X was founded 25 years ago, uses for its protective coatings have grown far beyond bedliners, and in Canada, harsh weather and kids who love hockey have created yet another use for the coatings.

“As a pro goalie, I know the damage a puck can do to a person and a lot of different surfaces, including garage doors,” says Mike Smith. “We had some of the same problems growing up so when I found out that LINE-X provides protection against snow, rain, wind and  even a hard slap shot, I was excited to be involved with this humorous campaign.”

The LINE-X VS HOCKEY PUCK campaign is being promoted across Canada via TV commercials, print ads, radio, digital web banners, social media, bus stop ads and more to raise awareness of LINE-X’s use as protection for garage doors and other surfaces.

“We know our Canadian customers take hockey very seriously, and we’d never want to let a little snow, sleet, rain or debris to get in the way of kid’s enjoyment of the nation’s favorite pastime,” said Dennis Weese, president of LINE-X. “Our protective coatings started in the automotive industry, but have since become a group of very diverse products that provide some of the best protection to just about any surface, including garage doors.”




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