NOX debuts at Taipei Game Show: Using “AI + Digital Marketing” to Target Global Mobile Distribution Market

BEIJING, Jan. 26, 2018 — The world-renowned Taipei Game Show B2B Zone drew the curtain on January 25th. One of the world’s leading entertainment smart distribution networks – NOX makes its debut at the event and discusses popular marketing topics like current global gaming promotion status, Internet celebrity marketing and trial advertisements. NOX also introduces its AI-Based digital marketing tool for global gaming distribution and promotion, drawing great attention of the developers at present.

As customer experiences and customization demands increase during the digital marketing age, collecting data from current customers while exploring new ones is vital to product development. C-end product under NOX like the NoxPlayer has 110 million users worldwide and records billions of application entries every month. Its distribution system imports AI technology to combat conventional issues during distribution (low retention rate and payment) and helps customers avoid fake traffic and negative exposure.

NOX’s AiadMobi uses its own deep-learning neural network to assist customers in accurately targeting potential users. By using core AI model and multi-dimensional user analysis of the users’ demands, it makes predictive marketing and personalized advertisements. Meanwhile, NOX’s NoxInfluencer marketing platform intelligently connects over 100,000 Internet celebrities to achieve low-cost matching of high-LTV users. Based on users’ needs, it has reached an accuracy rate of 89% for personalized advertisements.

During the Asia Pacific Forum on Jan 26, the director of NOX international business department shared his insights on the current status and development trends of global mobile marketing. He stated that as regards to mobile advertisement, trial advertisement and celebrity marketing are the current popular trends. Besides, the main focusing areas of NOX and its multiple digital marketing platforms are providing solutions in response to different demands from different gaming markets and helping customers maximize ROI for all game promotion stages.

This year’s Taipei Game Show attracted many world-renowned OEMs. They conducted in-depth discussions regarding the global layout, marketing promotion, business collaboration and other topics of the gaming industry. As a technology-driven advertisement platform, NOX focuses on AI + digital marketing and continues to perfect its multi-product matrices from C-end to B-end. It supports game marketing of full life-circle and contributes towards efficient global distribution of games.



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