Prepare For Natural Disasters With Trusted Security Solutions From The Master Lock Company

Last year, natural disasters in the U.S. cost homeowners and businesses a record $306 billion, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) 1. While natural disasters can occur at any time throughout the year, the U.S. government recognizes September as “National Preparedness Month,” an effort to encourage Americans to prepare for emergencies. To help safeguard your valuables, The Master Lock Company provides peace of mind with trusted security products that help to protect valuable assets no matter the circumstance.

“We understand the value of reliable security, which is why we test our products against the toughest situations, including extreme weather conditions, harsh temperatures and physical attacks,” said Justin Matuszek, director of product marketing at The Master Lock Company. “Our rigorous testing facilities coupled with our industry-leading consumer insights allow The Master Lock Company to develop products that offer enhanced durability, reliability and security.”

To help families prepare for natural disasters this September and throughout the year, The Master Lock Company offers a full suite of innovative security solutions, including:

  • Master Lock’s Family of Stainless-Steel Padlocks: Master Lock offers a wide selection of stainless-steel padlocks that provide enhanced security, durability and reliability based on consumer needs and application. The Master Lock 5SSKAD Stainless Steel Padlock features a stainless-steel body and shackle, and brass 4-pin tumbler cylinder providing maximum weather resistance and enhanced security to protect storage areas, such as garages and sheds, as well as recreation vehicles like boats and four wheelers.
  • SentrySafe® Digital Fire Safe: With its UL Classified fire protection2 and ETL Verified water protection3, the SentrySafe Digital Fire Safe is the ideal storage solution to protect documents and valuable assets from wildfire and flood damages. Its solid steel construction provides durable and reliable protection in extreme weather while a pry-resistant hinge bar protects against theft. In the case of a power outage, it features an interior light, so you can easily access your items without additional lighting.
  • Master Lock SafeSpace® Portable Personal Safe: For homeowners that need temporary security while on-the-go, the Master Lock SafeSpace Portable Safe allows for convenient and secure transportation of small personal items. Its durable construction is made to withstand abuse while its shock-absorbing foam on the interior protects valuables on the inside. Keep valuables secure by tightly wrapping the cable around a fixed object or double the cable to use as a carrying handle for easy transporting.
  • New Master Lock® Universal Lock Box: In the event of a natural disaster, lock boxes provide a secure way for friends, family and first responders to check on their loved ones. The new Master Lock Universal Lock Box is the only one on the market that features an adjustable shackle, so it can be affixed to almost any style of door hardware. Its wide metal body allows for enhanced durability, weather protection and security for spare keys to homes and other properties.


In addition to extreme weather conditions, the fall season brings a timely opportunity to ensure the security of your home and assets. Make sure your home is secure this season with the following security solutions:

  • Master Lock 265D Adjustable Door Security Bar: Constructed with 20-gauge steel, The Master Lock No. 265D Security Door Bar securely keeps doors closed in case of attempted forced entries. The bar adjusts from 27-1/2 in. to fit most home and patio doors and can be adjusted to fit sliding doors.
  • SentrySafe QAP2BEL XL Biometric Pistol Safe: With the SentrySafe XL Biometric Pistol Safe, gun owners can rest assured that their firearms are secure. Equipped with a biometric fingerprint scanner for fast, one-handed access, the biometric pistol safe features two-pistol capacity for additional firearm and ammunition storage, while interior lighting provides increased visibility in low-light situations, so you can easily access the safe.

For homeowners looking to find the best safe for their needs, SentrySafe has recently launched its online SentrySafe Safe Selector tool that allows consumers to navigate the brand’s selection of safes – whether it’s an all-purpose safe, pistol safe, cash box, or portable safe for consumers on-the-go.

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