Principia Media Presents Its 2018 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE for True Crime Enthusiasts

Walter R Reca, a.k.a. D.B. Cooper

For the true crime enthusiast, there are few bigger mysteries than the riveting D.B. Cooper skyjacking that took place just before Thanksgiving in November of 1971. For nearly half a century, this crime went unsolved by the authorities and armchair detectives alike, and sparked dozens of theories as to who could have pulled off the crime of the century.

In 2018, Grand Rapids-based publisher Principia Media completed a two-year investigation into claims made by the life-long friend of the infamous hijacker – and the hijacker himself, now known as Walter R. Reca. They released a documentary (D.B. Cooper: The Real Story), offering proof that this crime is now solved; and a memoir (D.B. Cooper & Me: A Criminal, A Spy, My Best Friend), delving into not only the astonishing details of that fateful evening, but of the clandestine life Reca led upon returning.

Fans of the true crime genre will delight in the methodical and detailed telling of the real events from that evening, which include interviews with Reca’s family; a realtor from whom he bought a home with some of the ransom money; a witness he met within a half hour of the jump; documentation of his written confession; interviews with his best friend, including audio of their conversations; and analysis from expert forensic linguist Joe Koenig.

Koenig is a Certified Fraud Examiner and forensic linguist with over 26 years of professional experience, including serving with the Michigan State Police and having served as the lead investigator of the James P. Hoffa case. Based on his own investigation, Koenig believes Walter Reca is D.B. Cooper.

Must-haves for the true crime junkies this holiday season include:

D.B. Cooper & Me: A Criminal, A Spy, My Best Friend, by Carl Laurin $17.95

D.B. Cooper: The Real Story, a documentary

A beautifully designed tin camp mug, in addition to numerous DB Cooper giftables available at the online store.

D.B. Cooper & Me: A Criminal, A Spy, My Best Friend (Principia Media)

About Principia Media:

Principia Media is an independent publishing and documentary film company based in Grand Rapids, MI. With a focus on storytelling, they balance professional production and marketing skills with intimate client relationships. Their capabilities include publishing fiction and nonfiction and investigative storytelling through feature-length documentaries.

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