“Ready To Go”, the directorial debut of Hollywood’s famed props master Lynda Reiss

Premiere dates in the UK and the US announced.

(Los Angeles, CA) – April 5th, 2018.   Thirty years in the film industry have primed famed Hollywood props master Lynda Reiss for the release of her directorial debut, an austere yet bittersweet short film entitled Ready To Go. American-born and British-raised, Reiss is well-known for her craft on high profile American productions such as the multiple Oscars® winner American Beauty as well as hit TV shows True Detective and Stranger Things, to name a few. Ready To Go is having its World Premiere at the East End Film Festival in London and its North American Premiere at the Sunscreen Film Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida.



World Premiere


April 14th, 2018 • London, UK

Attending: Lynda Reiss, director, John Craine, writer/cinematographer

and Bev Lawley, producer


North American Premiere


April 29th, 2018 • St. Petersbourg, Florida, USA

Attending: Lynda Reiss, director



May 25th to 29th, 2018 • Southend on Sea, UK

Attending: John Craine, writer/cinematographer

In Ready To Go, Lance Mitchell (Kevin Doyle) is taking his cat Missy to be put down. As he and his beloved furry companion make their weary way to the vet, Lance is keen to work over the thoughts he has on the subject. Cornering an old woman (Barbara Clague) on the bus, Lance relates a story he’s read about a man who, fearing knowledge of impending death, has planned to kill himself impulsively by stashing a handgun in his kitchen cupboard. But you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the paper.




“Ready To Go is really about a man’s struggle with the question of destiny and his desire to control that destiny,” she adds.“This is a big question. Humor has always been my personal tool to deal with the big questions, and I knew then that I wanted to make this a comic drama,” says director Lynda Reiss.


Ready To Go was filmed in Reiss’ hometown, the Isle of Man, a small picturesque community located in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland. The screenplay was written by cinematographer John Craine based on story directions provided to him by director Lynda Reiss. Starring Kevin Doyle as Lance, Barbara Clague as the Old Lady and Galen as Missy the Cat. Producer Bev Lawley, Production Designer Katharine Watling, Art Direction Richard Fryer, Costume Design Karen Callister, Editor Edward Crompton and Composer Andrew Allen-King.


About the Director:

Lynda Reiss was born in New York, and raised in the South of England. Trained as a nanny, she came to the US to work. According to Lynda, unlikely as it seems, nannying to prop master is a natural progression: “Play nice with the toys, and get on with everyone,” she says. From an early start in commercials, music videos, and small indie projects, she got her break with Reality Bites. From there to television and features for ten years. In 2003 she and her daughter moved to the Isle of Man, for a change of pace. Here she opened her Prop House, which specializes in Americana, and provided props and consulting to various large American story based projects in the UK and Europe. Lynda became involved with the IoM short film community, production designing several short films, and giving weekend design classes for new filmmakers. In 2011, she returned to the US for a project on a director’s request. From there came True Detective and then Stranger Things. During this time, it was suggested she try directing, and to pitch a project at the Isle Of Man Film Festival Pitch Fest. With a script by friend and collaborator John Craine, she pitched and was selected for one of three grants. Lynda went on the raise more funds thru grants awarded by the Isle Of Man Arts council and Kickstarter. Lynda is looking forward to moving into a new career as a director.


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