Reese Enterprises LLC. Introduces the Autobiography, “Selma’s Self Sacrifice”

Written by Reverend Dr. Frederick D. Reese and Kathy M. Walters

Heralding an unsung hero. Selma’s Self Sacrifice is a gripping tale about one of the engineers for the civil rights movement. Reverend Dr. Reese takes you to the front lines as he recalls his rays as an unrelenting force in the battles for equality through his first-hand experience. This gripping point of view tale from one of the soldiers on the front line will affect every part of your emotional palette and will serve as a friendly reminder as to the great peril many had to endure to earn rights simply given to others.

Dr. Reese takes you on a compelling journey using education and justice as cornerstones and courage as his vehicle to navigate the hostile environment that was being an outspoken African American male in the 1950s and 60s. Surviving and thriving in an environment where he had to constantly look over his shoulder, Dr. Reese carried God’s grace from the altar of the church to the desk of the educator to the very steps of Dallas County Courthouse.

Dr. Reese, who has collected every accolade from the key to the city of Selma, AL to being awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, remained humble throughout his life giving all credit, honor, and glory to God. Due to the present times being reminiscent of his of what he had gone through, he felt it was necessary to tell express his story in his own words, so that the next generation of people will be compelled to take a stand against injustice and inequality when it has become prominent, and have the courage to endure the obstacles that may come their way. Selma’s Self Sacrifice is the untold story from one of the most eloquent, inspirational and intelligent minds from this generation and one of the key figures in the progression of the civil rights movement.

SOURCE Reese Enterprises LLC.

Self sacrifice


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