Royal Bobbles Recognizes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Political Rise

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bobblehead (PRNewsfoto/Royal Bobbles)

As Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made history knocking a long-term Democratic senator from his seat, an Atlanta-based company was watching her historic meteoric rise and making plans to immortalize this woman who is breaking all the barriers in politics.

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“Our company has a long history of producing historical and political figures. As we saw her unprecedented, unexpected and meteoric rise to prominence on the national political scene, we felt this was an important time in American politics to recognize her achievement,” said Warren Royal, founder of Royal Bobbles.

“Our figure depicts her as a proud and strong leader of a movement that people are starting to take seriously. I would not be surprised to see her name, along with Bernie Sanders, on a run for the 2020 Presidential election,” Royal said.

And, while Royal Bobbles does exquisite, one-of-a kind work in all genres, it was founded and remains true to its political and historical roots.  The company has produced more than 27 presidents from George Washington to Donald Trump, and prominent founding fathers and other political figures like Hillary Clinton, Melania Trump, Michelle Obama, and Bernie Sanders – a virtual who’s who of American politics.

“That’s why I knew she had to be our next project,” he said. “We currently have about 60 political and historical figures in our product lineup. We also develop entertainment products, but political and historical figures are really our foundation – our passion if you will.”

The company gained national attention in 2015 when Pope Francis came to the United States. The Royal Bobbles Pope Francis was chosen to be the official bobblehead of the Papal visit and sold out nationwide.

The Ocasio-Cortez bobblehead is expected to be released in November of 2018 just in time for the mid-term general election.

Royal Bobbles sells to gift shops, online marketplaces and museum stores worldwide.  They are now taking pre-orders for the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bobblehead at

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