Shareable Electric Skateboard SPECTRA X to Launch at CES 2019 on Simulated Roadway

LAS VEGAS — WALNUT Technology will present the running E-skateboard on an exclusive customized roadway simulator, with the newly-built 4D trial equipment for SPECTRA X at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. With this special experience users can control the speed through the eBoard Go app.

SPECTRA X from Walnut Technology

SPECTRA X – A truly shareable electric skateboard will be launched at CES 2019. WALNUT Technology (WALNUTT) wantsto provide the opportunity to experience new products before purchasing, making it easier and more convenient than ever before. To make this possible, WALNUTT comes with a sharing feature available through the eBoard Go app.

With P2P sharing, SPECTRA X connects people who share the same interests, enabling more people to enjoy the fun of e-skateboarding while fostering an e-skater ecosystem and avoiding the waste of resources.

In addition to the sharing feature, SPECTRA X is jam-packed with upgraded functionality. SPECTRA boards offer the world’s first 3D posture control. To provide a more enjoyable hands-free riding experience, new sensors in SPECTRA X are lighter and more sensitive than the first generation of SPECTRA. Pushing the overall riding experience to the next level, SPECTRA X offers 3 control modes: body posture, remote control, and the eBoard Go app.

SPECTRA X also features a IP66 water-proofed body, replaceable rechargeable batteries, and replaceable wheels.

The design inspiration of SPECTRA X is from classic sports cars. With a combination of the maple board and FRP (fiber reinforce plastic) to enhance the toughness and the intensity of the waterproof exterior, the body of the SPECTRA X mold features aluminum alloy. The surface of the board is a shade of lavender under good lighting. The battery placed at the base of the E-skateboard is replaceable and rechargeable in order to achieve a maximum skating range.

If you want to know more info about SPECTRA, visit WALNUTT for a test ride at CES 2019 (January 8th -11th) in Las Vegas(South Hall 1, Stand 20244).



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