Sierra Gold Hemp Finds Explosive Growth In 2018

– Sierra Gold Hemp (“SGH”), announces their successful expansion into Colorado and Nevada.

SGH is planting and developing additional acreage for cultivation throughout the 2018 season – totaling 2,557+ acres in Nevada, in addition to their current genetics research facilities in Colorado.

SGH’s genetic varietals are targeting up to 26% CBD, fiber, and seed for increased output and earlier harvesting dates. Faster-growing strains could lead to the goal of harvesting in September, leading to earlier supply and market entry.

SGH’s Geneticist and Chief Scientific Officer, Shane Davis, travels the world bringing hundreds of exclusive hemp varietals from multiple climates – maximizing quality and output for current and emerging markets. Davis says, “Our focus is to create unique cultivars specific for academic and medical research supporting consumer product development.”

Phil Northcutt, SGH’s CEO, states, “We’ve had such overwhelming investor interest, we’re now on track to plant thousands of acres more. Demand is so high for our biomass that Hemp Inc. agreed to buy every pound we can produce this year. This is only one potential option. We’re getting lots of calls for pre-sale biomass. We literally can’t grow enough hemp.”

Pre-purchasing biomass allows companies to secure CBD biomass before harvesting.

About Sierra Gold Hemp

Sierra Gold Hemp is a US-based company currently expanding throughout North America and overseas.

SGH helps farmers grow hemp, with a pre-negotiated price to sell back to SGH. With buyers already lined up and thousands of acres in contract, SGH purchases the crop and sells to labs and retailers.

SGH provides all necessary farming equipment, land and expert consultation required for new farmers to have a successful season.

SGH cultivates quality natural hemp in Colorado and Southern Nevada – producing seed, seedling, flower, and biomass for CBD extraction. Currently prepping fields throughout the U.S. and Canada for 2019, expecting a spring planting of over 15,000 acres.

Products include full-plant CBD oil, rosin, isolate (retail & bulk) and more.


CEO – Philip Northcutt
CFO – J. Eric Kirkland
COO – Matthew Burwell
Chief Sustainability Officer – Sajid Ammor
Chief Science Officer – Shane Davis


VP of Investor Relations – Robert Lind


COO – Matthew Burwell



Instagram: SierraGoldHemp

SOURCE Sierra Gold Hemp



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