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This is the place to find our ever-growing SPR specific merchandise and merchandise offered by our affiliates. Your purchase through this SPR Merchandise would be greatly appreciated and we say, "Thank You," for your support. STM Store >.

SPR Gear!

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Official Senior Pickleball Report Men’s T-shirt

On Sale Here >


Official Senior Pickleball Report Sport-Tek® Men’s Workout Shirt

On Sale Here >


Sport-Tek® Women’s Workout Shirt

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Official Senior Pickleball Report Women’s T-shirt

On Sale Here >

Check Out Product From Our Affiliates!

JustPaddle wants to get the perfect paddle for you on time, every time, exactly as promised. They not only provide you with just pickleball paddles, but they also provide you with a winning experience, and a promise, like no one else. Visit the JustPaddle site! >

Baddle Pickleball Paddles

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Exclusive Armour HELIO Pickleball Paddles

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crbn Pickleball Paddles

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Franklin Christine McGrath Signature Middleweight Composite Pickleball Paddle

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Margaritaville Pickleball Paddles

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Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Pickleball Paddle

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A11N Sports

A11N SPORTS is one of the original and leading portable pickleball net system manufacturers, providing tens of thousands of portable pickleball net system for pickleball clubs, sports centers and pickleball families.  Visit A11N Sports here >


Everyfun is a sports product and massage therapy recovery device brand, which aims to let everybody enjoy the fun of sport by helping everybody warm-up and recover quickly before and after a workout to get better performance. Visit the site >

massage gun
massage gun
massage gun

Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

Albris is the premier media marketplace connecting you to over 270 million books, movies, and albums from thousands of independent sellers worldwide. Visit the store here >

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