The Crack Shack Launches Petition For Gourmet Chicken To Join Fried Chicken Sandwich Wars

Are you clucking serious? What about the well-raised chickens? The Crack Shack, a gourmet fried-chicken eatery known for one-of-a-kind menu items, decadent sandwiches and vibrant restaurant environments is joining the “fried chicken sandwich wars” petitioning for humanely raised chickens to have a voice in the conversation. The restaurant launched a petition highlighting the fact that free-roaming chickens actually taste better than the factory-farmed chickens at fast food joints, although they may cost a few extra clucks.

The restaurant has five locations across Southern California and a Las Vegas location recently opened on August 11th, where humanely raised, free-range fried chicken is the star of the show. Unlike the other contenders in the fried chicken sandwich wars, The Crack Shack doesn’t skimp on quality. Committed to maintaining ethical and high standards, the eatery sources locally raised, antibiotic-free Jidori® chicken, as well as eggs and produce from local boutique farms.

The petition shares the perspective of the beyond-free-range birds who know best.

“We, the beyond-free-range chickens, demand to know why all the chirp about which sandwich is best has been limited to those made with industrially-farmed birds served by multi-national corporations,” the initiative reads.

“Sure, we like to get pampered, but who doesn’t love a spa day? Maybe we do stick to all natural, vegetarian diets – but what’s wrong with watching our figure? Maybe we don’t have regular farm parents but ‘cool parents’ who allow us to roam freer than other birds. As American chickens, we deserve equal consideration, despite not fitting in with the factory farm contenders.”

Worried about chicken sandwiches selling out? Don’t. The Crack Shack has plenty of options, especially the signature Firebird, made with a spicy fried chicken thigh, cool ranch, crispy onions and pickles on a potato roll. Supporters of the rights for bougie birds can sign the petition here.

The Crack Shack’s Signature Firebird Chicken Sandwich

About The Crack Shack
The Crack Shack is a SoCal based gourmet fried-chicken eatery known for its one-of-a-kind menu items, decadent sandwiches and fun vibe. Created by founder Michael Rosen and Top Chef winner Richard Blais, The Crack Shack serves up a chef-driven menu with a focus on the duo’s shared passion for all things chicken and eggs. The restaurant has six locations, one in Little Italy, Encinitas, Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, Pasadena and Las Vegas.

About Jidori
Produced exclusively by Los Angeles-based Mao Foods, Jidori® originated from founders Dennis and Eric Mao in response to demand for high quality poultry. As food culture sought ethical, sustainable sourcing, the Mao brothers produced product to meet the scrutiny of the most selective chefs and consumers. Jidori® chickens are humanely raised in small, artisanal California farms and fed all-natural grains with no meat by-products, hormones, or steroids.

For more information about the restaurant visit or follow along on Instagram @getcrackshacked, Twitter @getcrackshacked and Facebook @thecrackshackrestaurant

SOURCE The Crack Shack

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