The Ever-Rising IQ Of Our Homes

It’s no surprise that over 80% of smart home users say they would be more likely to purchase a new home if it had connected technology updates. Faster than you can wave a magic wand, new gadgets and overall advancements are appearing on the market to make life at home easier while also increasing its value. From trading that wifi service in for an affordable in-house mesh network systemto trading up to a completely wireless kitchen, the most challenging aspect of all this new technology is choosing what to upgrade first.

With new monitors couch potatoes can’t sit still

$93 billion is the estimated value of the gaming industry by the year 2020, which is only a few clicks away from now. With that number in mind, on top of those who use televisions and monitors to watch shows and create content for various professions, it is no wonder monitors and tv’s are one of the first items of interest for those wanting to “get with the program” when it comes to upgrades to technology in their living rooms or home offices. Companies are paying close attention to all aspects of their designs with not only esthetics in mind (curved and sleeker screens), but audio and connectivity as well. Samsung, a leader in home entertainment, reportedly puts $14+ billion into research each year to stay ahead of the trends that keep consumers excited in this highly competitive area.

More power to the kitchen  

There are so many advancements for the home, and the kitchen is one area that has also risen to the occasion, making it more exciting and fun to bake and cook…and clean! Smart appliances can be programmed through apps or directed with home wireless AI systems that make it easier than a crockpot to prepare foods while saving on energy. No-touch sensor controlled faucets and efficient dishwashers minimize water waste, and depending on the upgrade budget, owners will soon have the option to install a completely “smart” kitchenwithout wires and with data intelligence to connect with Fitbits for dietary tips and even order our groceries.

There are endless choices for homeowners interested in hiking the intelligence, enjoyment and value of their home. There are security Apps that make it possible to watch the front door and talk to pets from away, program the stove from the phone – and dryers that actually fold the clothes. With all the advancements being made every day, it is most important for homeowners, once the decision is made where to begin, to take a little time to research the options – and make the smartest up-to-date choices in smart technology.


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