The North Brunswick First Aid and Rescue Squad (NBFARS) Is Hosting a Donation Drive on November 1, 2022

NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. /PRNewswire/ — On November 1st, NBFARS is hosting a digital donation drive to raise money to supply their non-profit with the funds needed to service North Brunswick’s community. For over 66 years, NBFARS has been serving North Brunswick through emergency first aid and technical rescue services, as well as response training for their EMTs and emergency responders. The services are necessary for North Brunswick’s public health, from care for the sick and injured to car rescues and natural disasters. Donations support their mission to keep the community of North Brunswick safe.

North Brunswick First Aid and Rescue Squad

As a non-profit organization, NBFARS relies on donations to train their EMTs to quickly and effectively respond to any emergency. Donations received go towards fuel for ambulances, equipment maintenance, and training for their staff, which is made up of volunteers and career members from the community. No matter the donation size, it will benefit NBFARS:

  • $1 helps to buy vital emergency medical supplies.
  • $25 helps cover the fuel cost for one ambulance run.
  • $50 helps with the purchase of new equipment.
  • $100 helps offset the cost of maintaining the fleet of ambulances and technical rescue truck.
  • $250 helps offset the cost of training team members to national standards.
  • $500 helps to purchase a new CPR mannequin.

NBFARS supplies North Brunswick with the emergency services needed for residents to feel safe, cared for, and healthy. They are committed to faithfully serving their community, but it’s only possible because of the community’s generous donations. Every donation helps NBFARS continue to provide safe emergency services through training, equipment, and maintenance. To support their endeavors and operations, mark November first and be sure to donate to NBFARS.

Since 1955, NBFARS has been providing first aid services to the citizens of North Brunswick. A team of everyday people committed to caring for their community, NBFARS is committed to keeping their team educated and trained on modern technology and rescue methods to help their community feel safe. The team contains a wide variety of diverse individuals united by a passion for helping others. They are a necessary part of the North Brunswick community and need financial support to continue serving the community! Donate on November first to help them with their operations, training, and equipment needs! Visit to donate.

SOURCE North Brunswick First Aid and Rescue Squad

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