Top UFO Sightings Around The World

Top UFO Sightings Around The World
By Vit Pheanyoun

UFO is the short-term for unidentified flying object. This word is reserved for any air-borne thing that cannot be explained. Most people equate any UFO with extraterrestrial beings (also commonly known as aliens).

Many people claim to have seen a flying object in so many parts of the world. Sometimes, experts have been able to offer explanations for this sightings, thereby debunking the claims. However, some UFO sightings still remain a mystery to this day.

The UFO phenomenon is not restricted to only one country or place. In fact, there have been UFO sightings in many parts of the world. Some eyewitnesses were able to take photos or capture videos as proof of what they saw.

In this article, we will be taking look at some of the most popular flying objects that made headlines globally.

Kolkata, India

A resident of Kolkata claimed to have seen an UFO before the crack of dawn through the window of his apartment in 2007. The object stayed put until the early hours of the morning which allowed the man ample time to capture it on video. There was no fixed shape of this object, it first appeared to look like a white ball with flaming sides, later it changed to a cylindrical shape.

The location of this object was close to the airport but sources at the airport did not notice or record any such phenomenon.

Chicago, United States

In 2006, a group of airport workers at the O’Hare International Airport reported seeing a metallic object in the shape of a saucer. This object was above a plane that was about to take off. Both pilots aboard this plane also saw this unknown object. Apart from these people, there were also eye witnesses to this event outside the airport.

Pretoria, South Africa

In 2010, residents of Booysens in Pretoria claim to have spotted an UFO Sightings 2016. This object showed up two days in a row for a lengthy period of two hours each time. This object was stationary for most of the time and then it would move slowly down and disappear in the horizon.

The residents could not make out shape of the object, they could only see very bright, colorful lights. It didn’t look like anything they had seen before. South African officials and experts could not offer an explanation for this event.

However, the Federal Aviation Administration did not investigate this matter further and believed it was a phenomenon related to UFO 2016 caused by the weather.

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