Ursids Coming Soon 12/21/2016

Right now is the time to watch out for Ursid meteors, which occurs each year around the Winter Solstice. The peak will probably happen on December 21st, the best hours will be just before dawn on December 22nd.

You could see as many as 100 meteors per hour, but only in short burst. The best viewing will be in a dark sky, but the last quarter moon on December 21st and 22nd might lessen the number of meteors.

The shower favors more northerly latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. But, even if you are in the far north, this is a low key production.

Best viewing, even with a quarter moon, choose a location in the country, and place yourself in the shadows away from the moon’s light.

The next shower that should yield exciting viewing is the Quadrantids in early January.

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