V-Dog Donates Kibble to Support PETA’s Angels for Animals Campaign

V-dog, a leading national plant-based dog food company, is partnering with PETA on the organization’s Angels for Animals campaign, donating 5lbs of vegan kibble for every donation made toward PETA’s initiative to provide adequate shelter for dogs forced to live outdoors.

V-dog, a leading dog food company committed to providing 100% vegan products, has announced it will be donating five pounds of its plant-based kibble for each contribution made to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) Angels for Animals campaign, an initiative that provides doghouses for dogs forced to live outdoors and in need of shelter.

“PETA’s doghouses are designed to make life better for outdoor dogs by providing them with a free, sturdy shelter, providing a shady place to escape the summer heat and the winter chill,” said Lindsay Rubin, vice president of v-dog. “We are glad to partner with PETA to keep these precious animals well-fed and protected this summer and throughout the year.”

PETA’s Angels for Animals campaign is part of a summer-long fundraising drive that not only provides doghouses, but promotes PETA’s mission to improve animals’ quality of life worldwide. This marks the second year that v-dog has partnered with PETA on this campaign.

“The first shipment of kibble from v-dog has already arrived here at our corporate headquarters in Norfolk,” says Daphna Nachminovitch, senior vice president at PETA. “We thank the entire team at v-dog for their compassionate gift, and we are confident that this partnership will once again serve to improve the lives of countless dogs in need of better living conditions.”

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V-dog makes yummy, healthy dog food and treats totally from plants. Since 2005, we’ve seen thousands of dogs all over the world thrive on our nutritionally-complete, plant-based kibble. We are a vegan owned and operated family business with high quality standards and zero product recalls to date. Based in beautiful San Francisco, our team is made up of animal lovers with fur babies of our own. We work each day to ensure you and your dogs are happy and that our products are providing them with the ultimate source of nutrition and happiness. For more information about our company and products, visit


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