Yihai Education Sponsors China-US Student Exchange

A group of twelve outstanding American recent high school graduates have traveled to China to participate in the U.S. China Student Leaders Exchange. This exceptional group of future leaders includes ten United States Presidential Scholars and two Regeneron Science Talent Search Finalists.

This Chinese education program was started in 2004 by the National Committee on U.S. China Relations, hosted by the China Education Association for International Exchange and for the past four years has been sponsored exclusively by the Yihai Education Group. This year the students are in Chinafrom July 10th through July 25th.

Yihai proudly sponsors this important Exchange. “We introduce these wonderful students to the best China has to offer in a short period of time. We expose them to Chinese education, family values, history, food and arts. It is our hope that they return home with a new and profound appreciation of the Chinese people,” says Linda Wong, Chairman of Yihai Group.

During their stay the cohort experienced a carefully curated “study-visit” which enabled them to see China through a unique lens. They arrived in Beijing where Jessie Wong, Head of Yihai Education, warmly welcomed participants.

Students had the exceptional opportunity to engage with many of the Chinese students of Beijing No. 8 Middle School Yihai branch. Additionally, during their stay the students live with Chinese families and experienced daily life in a Chinese home.

Yihai introduces these young scholars to the entire Yihai community that ranges from Kindergarten to the International School. Seniors showed them projects they were working on and exposed them to Chinese customs.

This year the Student Leadership Exchange participants traveled from Beijing to Guiyang and Chengdu. Their travels have exposed them to several China experts who provide insightful background regarding many of the important sites they visit.

Yihai Education has created six schools in China with more than 4,000 students including a kindergarten primary school, junior and middle school, a training school and an adult school. It has also created the new Inter Academy Yihai, for boys and girls in China under the leadership of Argentine soccer star Zanetti, who recently retired from Inter Milan Club, where he participated in two World Cup Games and lead the club to multiple Italian championships.

Yihai Group has been active in China since 1990 and has four main business units: global real estate development, education, property management and fitness centers and spas. Linda Wong is one of the first generation of Hong Kong real estate developers to enter Mainland China, Europe and North America. She is also a philanthropist, who has been recognized globally for her work with children and educators.

It is for this reason that Yihai proudly sponsors the Student Leaders Exchange. The program embodies the belief in the power of  education and the importance of cultural understanding that are key to Yihai’s values. As these graduates go off to begin their college careers, Ms. Wong hopes that their newly acquired knowledge of China and its role on the global stage will enhance their understanding of the world in whatever field they chose to pursue.


SOURCE Yihai Group



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