Tau Herculids A Possible Surprise Meteor Shower!

We might have the opportunity to witness a possibly intense meteor event due to a comet that split apart in 1995. Apparently, it is still fracturing. It could cause a spectacular mini meteor shower called the Tau Herculids… It’s parent comet is 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3, which was discovered back in 1930, by German observers Arnold Schwassmann and Arno Arthur Wachmann . Tau Herculids…

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Coming soon to the skies above, the Eta Aquariids.

The Eta Aquariids are a meteor shower that is visible from about April 19 to about May 28 each year. The meteor shower is the result of its parent comet, which is the famous Halley’s Comet.  The meteors we currently see as members of the Eta Aquariid shower separated from Halley’s Comet hundreds of years ago. The current orbit of Halley’s Comet does not pass…

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Rethink Your Lawn

Use clover for a lush, green, eco-friendly, enviable yard (Family Features) Who has time to continuously care for that carpet-like, green grass almost everyone longs for? Nearly no one. Cultivating a lush, green lawn takes time, can be expensive and is a mainstay on weekend to-do lists spring through fall. Now that’s a serious commitment. Traditional turf lawns require a…

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The Night Sky | May 2022 | Venus & Jupiter Conjunction | Total Lunar Eclipse | Eta Aquarids Meteors

silhouette of two persons stargazing

Late Night Astronomy Venus & Jupiter appear to collide, the Moon turns blood red and a meteor shower lights up the sky! It’s a busy month for the night sky this May. Regardless of your experience or equipment, we’ve got something here for you. Please let me know what excites you about space and what you plan to see this…

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Check out the 2022 Lyrid meteor shower!

It’s April and it’s time for the Lyrids… The Lyrids are a meteor shower that can be seen from April 16 to April 25 each year. The radiant of the meteor shower is located in the constellation Lyra, near Vega, its brightest star. The peak of the shower is typically around April 22 each year. The source of the meteor shower are particles of dust from…

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It Pays to Give: 5 ideas for investing in the world around you

(Family Features) In a world fraught with social, political and environmental strife, a mindset that involves a more community-driven approach can make a meaningful difference. Each person’s contributions to improve the earth can send a ripple effect that ultimately transforms communities and the people who live within them. Consider these examples of actions you can take, some bigger than others,…

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Stephen Curry’s UNDERRATED Tour Powered by Rakuten Holds Championship Tournament in Oakland, April 1-3

Tournament Weekend Gives Underrated High School Basketball Student Athletes a Platform for Access, Opportunity and the Chance to Compete for Academic Scholarships and Visibility OAKLAND, Calif., April 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stephen Curry’s season three of the UNDERRATED Tour Powered by Rakuten makes its final stop on April 1-3 at Oakland’s Soldiertown indoor basketball court. The three-day, invite-only event is the culmination of a nationwide search for overlooked…

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TORONTO /CNW/ – Ontario Premier, Doug Ford launched the much-anticipated Premier’s Cup School Cricket 2022 this evening at the Spring Launch for School Cricket in Brampton. The evening featured remarks from the Premier and key sponsors, awards for student achievement, design and innovation in cricket as well as the unveiling of the new OSCA logo. The event was well attended and highlighted the growth of cricket…

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Boston Celtics and Sun Life cap off 8th year of Fit to Win youth fitness program with Daniel Theis and Aaron Nesmith

Fully hybrid program teaches local YMCA kids about nutrition, fitness and overall wellness BOSTON and WELLESLEY, Mass. /PRNewswire/ — Sun Life and the Boston Celtics have wrapped another successful year of Fit to Win, a four-week fitness and health program for YMCA children grades 3 through 6. The program, which ended yesterday, teaches kids new exercise routines and healthy habits each week, which they track…

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