Time to Catch up with the CUPIC Series

Pre-production on the new series progresses and we will be giving updates on the developments as well as other projects on TNC.

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The All-New 2020 Sentra

  The all-new 2020 Sentra represents a breakthrough for Nissan’s popular compact sedan – with eye-catching new styling, a comprehensive suite of intelligent driving technologies including standard Nissan Safety Shield 360, advanced connectivity functions and confident performance provided by a new platform and engine. The 2020 Sentra is available in three well-equipped grade levels, S, SV and SR. Originally introduced for the…

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Check Out the Mercury Transit from Griffith Observatory

Mercury will pass in front of the sun on the morning of November 11, 2019. View the transit safely from the comfort of your computer and join us live from Griffith Observatory. NEVER look at the sun directly without proper eye protection. All Space Considered is Griffith Observatory’s live science program that is free and open to the public, held…

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