Mystery at the Sunspot Solar Observatory… Solved?

Mystery at the Sunspot Solar Observatory… Solved?

Sunspot, New Mexico

On Thursday, September 6, 2018, the Sunspot Solar Observatory in New Mexico was suddenly closed down and evacuated by the FBI supposedly for security reasons.

The facility is run by the Association of Universities for Research Astronomy (AURA).

The observatory was closed, along with a nearby US Post Office by the FBI with no further explanation.

Local officials are in the dark and out of the loop about the closures and evacuations, but had to participate in the evacuation of nearby Sunspot residents.

Recently, AURA posted an updated news release on their website regarding the incident. AURA stated that they had been cooperating with an ongoing law enforcement investigation of criminal activity around nearby Sacramento Peak.

A suspect in the investigation posed a potential threat to the safety of the local staff and residents, which led to the evacuation and closing of the facility.

AURA stated that the observatory will be transitioning back to regular operations as of Monday, September 17th.

Check out the AURA news release here:



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