Morgan Hritz’s Book ‘Nala The Hero Husky’ Discusses Anxiety Together With An Adorable Siberian Husky Therapy Pup

SPRINGDALE, Ark., January 20, 2022 – Fulton Books author, Morgan Hritz, a special education teacher, has completed her most recent book “Nala The Hero Husky”: a wonderful illustrated story that talks about anxiety in an easy and delightful way. It follows Nala, an emotional support animal, meeting different kinds of people and learning so many things while taking care of them….

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Orly Har’s New Book ‘All You Need: Recipes for the Love of Good Food’

Good Food

WESTON, Fla.- Orly Har, a woman who came from a family of professional bakers and always viewed cooking and baking as a source of creativity and enjoyment, has completed her most recent book “All You Need: Recipes for the Love of Good Food”: a pool of delectable easy-to-make dishes designed for readers who love to cook and bake. Orly writes,…

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Brenda Bonna’s New Book ‘Girl Besides’ is a Touching Tale of Finding True Friendship

Girl Besides

NEW YORK ( – Brenda Bonna, a bilingual author, has completed her most recent book “Girl Besides”: a heart-warming tale of friendship between five girls who come from different cultural backgrounds. Brenda writes, “Four preteen girls from different countries, continents, and islands are seen growing up in the United States with unity, love, and wisdom. From a young age, each…

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