The 5 Best Pizza Sauce in 2017



The 5 Best Pizza Sauce in 2017
By Zirkon Kalti

Pizza sauce is an essential ingredient that you don’t want to exclude when you are making pizzas at home. It adds a real pizza flavor to your homemade pizza. You will not want to substitute it with other types of sauces such as spaghetti or marinara sauce as it will not taste right with these sauces. It is troublesome to make your own sauce and you will often find yourself can’t get the recipe right. Getting all the ingredients to make your own sauce can be expensive and you’d be better off purchase the readymade canned version. The following is a list of the best 5 pizza sauces in 2017.

1. Don Pepino Sauce

Don Pepino Sauce is a well known pizza sauce made from a family recipe by the sclafani family. The main ingredient of the red sauce is red vine tomatoes that have been fully ripen. The sauce is well seasoned with corn oil, and a few types of imported spices. The sauce is like a slurry of mashed tomatoes with some chunky bits inside. It offers a rich natural tomato taste and not a taste that is mixed with other types of ingredients.

Don Pepino Sauce is not only great on pizza but also work well on lasagna, spaghetti or other recipes. It is also suitable for use as a sauce for chips dipping. One can is enough for use in cooking at least 3 pizzas. You can eat the sauce right out of the can without cooking it. Don Pepino Sauce is cholesterol free and suitable for making your favorite homemade pizzas.

2. Dei Fratelli Pizza Sauce

Dei Fratelli Pizza Sauce is made from freshly ripened non GMO tomatoes and sea salt. The dark red sauce is thick and not watery like other cheap pizza sauces. It has a smooth consistency and does not have chunks of ingredients in it. It does have some bits of herbs, tomato seeds, and tomato skin. It tastes only slightly sweet and you can drink it right from the can as you are drinking tomato juice.

The sauce is made from just the right amount of spices and you will be able to note the flavors of the spices when you taste it. It does not have a high acidic level and will not cause you to have gastric if you eat too much of it. It is suitable for use on homemade pizza that is made from scratch. You can also use it as a spaghetti or dipping sauce.

3. Muir Glen Organic Pizza Sauce

Muir Glen Organic Pizza Sauce is made from whole tomatoes that are cooked until they become completely mashed. It is made with herbs such as oregano, basil and black pepper. Sea salt is used in seasoning the sauce. The tomatoes used in the ingredient comes from USDA certified organic tomato farms in California. The cans are made with non BPA lining. The sauce is not over seasoned and gives you a taste of real tomatoes.

It is thick and stays in place when you pour it over the pizza. The sauce has a dark red color and looks like they have been freshly pureed from tomatoes that are picked straight from the farm. The sauce has a moderate amount of sugar content and does not taste very sweet. You can keep the can of tomato sauce in the refrigerator for a week and it will not spoil.

4. Pastorelli Pizza Sauce Italian Chef

Pastorelli pizza sauce was originally created by Papa Pastorelli with a family recipe in 1952. It is made from puree of tomatoes grown in California farm. It is made from the highest quality of natural ingredients. Imported extra virgin olive oil and Pecorino Roman cheese are among the ingredients used. It is free from preservatives and does not contain any trace of gluten. Corn syrup is not part of the ingredient used in making the sauce.

It tastes just nice; it is not too sweet or acidic. It also offer some hints of spiciness. It is thicker than most canned tomato sauce and can nicely cover the pizza. It tastes great on homemade pizza. You can use the sauce on any pizza that you have made and it will bring back memories of delicious homemade pizza. It is not widely available in stores but you can easily get it from online stores like Amazon.

5. Caso Visco Pizza Sauce

Caso Visco Pizza Sauce is a low fat and cholesterol free pizza sauce that is made from all natural tomatoes. It has the lowest level of carbohydrates compared to all other brands. It contains only 30 calories per serving. It is not only low in fat but it is also low in sodium. It contains only 170 gm of sodium per serving. It does not contain any trace of trans fat. No sugar has been used in making the sauce.

It is nicely seasoned with the right spices and it offers a genuine Italian flavor. Even though it only uses simple ingredients, it tastes delicious with a perfect balance of tomato flavor. Unlike other brand name of sauces, it can last for weeks even after you open the can and store it in the refrigerator. You can use this sauce on pizza, lasagna and breadstick dip.


In conclusion, canned pizza sauce is the best option when you lack the time to cook it from scratch. The brand that you choose makes a lot of difference and you don’t want to just simply buy a brand that you have seen it on sale at your local supermarket. It is always best to choose one that is made with organic ingredients as they are nutritious and good for your health.

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