7 Ways to Conserve Water This Summer and Save

As the Midwest braces for another heat wave, Perfect Home Services, a leading Chicagoland heating, cooling and plumbing company with a 4.7-star Google rating, is giving homeowners practical advice for conserving water at home and saving on utilities bills.

Perfect Home Services is giving homeowners practical advice for conserving water at home and saving on utilities bills.

“The summer weather tends to sneak up on us in Chicagoland, and we all remember the ’95 heat wave,” said Justin Carrol, president of Perfect Home Services. “As we all prepare to keep our homes cool and comfortable this summer, energy bills are going to rise from increased air conditioner use. One timely way to balance your monthly expenses now is by learning to reduce your consumption, and maintaining these habits will provide benefits throughout the year.

Carrol offers the following 7 steps for Chicago-area residents to conserve water and reduce their expenses:

  1. Shorten the shower time – Ideally, a shower should take no more than 15 minutes. Every minute spared equals the preservation of 2.5 gallons of water. Low-flow showerheads can be easily installed to further reduce the amount used.
  2. Check for slow, hidden leaks – Unchecked, minor and often undetectable leaks can lead to hundreds or thousands of wasted gallons each month. Unless it’s a simple visible fix, make sure to contact a licensed and insured professional to correct the issue.
  3. Wash only full dishwasher loads – Dishwashers consume the same amount of water for small or large loads. Run full dishwasher loads whenever possible to save.
  4. Replace older toilets with new, water-efficient ones – Old toilets use four times the amount of water per flush than newer models. Rebates for some water-efficient models are available to homeowners for improving the sustainability of their household.
  5. Don’t use a continuous flow of water to handwash dishes – When residents wash dishes by hand, water should only be used for rinsing rather than kept on at a continuous stream. Much like a shower, 2.5 gallons per minute are saved through intentional conservation.
  6. Install an aerator for the bathroom or kitchen faucet – An aerator uses air for optimal water pressure, reducing flow from the faucet and saving at least one gallon of water per minute in the process.
  7. Consider washing your car at a carwash – Since washing a car at home cost money anyway from the consumption, it’s worth considering taking your car to a commercial carwash instead. Most commercial facilities recycle the water that runs into their drain systems, and doing this also avoids chemical-filled runoff making its way into your yard.

For more information on conserving water in your Chicago-area residence, call Perfect Home Services at 630-394-3332 or visit

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