A Compelling SUMMER

SUMMER is not just a season, it is also a compelling new LGBTQ short film from Pearl Gluck that is currently making its way through the festival circuit. Gluck, a filmmaker and Sundance Alumna, has given us a touching and heartbreaking film that she written, produced and directed. This well made short film is based on true events.

SYNOPSIS: Summer is short film about two teenage girls in a Hasidic sleep-away camp who, despite their every effort to maintain their purity, explore a forbidden book which leads them to a sexual awakening neither of them are prepared to encounter. Featuring Thea McCartan, Juliet Brett, and Emmy James, the film is shot in situ in the heart of Hasidic Upstate New York.

The film is playing at OUTFest in Los Angeles and at the CASTRO THEATRE during the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

For more information about Pearl Gluck and information on screenings, check out

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