A Young US-based Startup has Launched an Initiative to Bring Relief to Residential Home Builders, Remodelers and Construction Companies Who Have Been Negatively Impacted by COVID-19

To help support the construction industry weather the economic downturn in North America due to the COVID-19 crisis, BuildBook, a construction management and project communication platform, has launched a program they are calling, Build Better Together, which will provide free software access to small businesses and construction companies who have been negatively impacted.

“At our core, we are a communication tool. We have worked hard to create a product that helps everyone involved in a construction project communicate easier,” stated Carson Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of BuildBook. “As we’ve watched these events unfold, we’ve been assessing what we can do to help and we believe now – more than ever – that clear and proactive communication is crucial for custom home builders and remodelers.”

The program, which launched on Thursday evening, March 26th, offers access to three different products and services at no cost to any construction business that has been negatively impacted by the current disruption caused by COVID-19.

The anchor of the items being offered is 100% free access to their core software product, which would normally cost up to $149 per month for construction companies to use.

BuildBook is planning to keep the program available for as long as it’s needed and will decide how long to continue based on the direct feedback from those in the program along with the general health of the construction industry over the next 90 days.

To help do that, BuildBook has also created an online Facebook community as part of the initiative for builders, remodelers and other construction industry professionals to stay connected, share what they’re experiencing and support each other.

In addition, they’re asking for support from other companies who serve the construction industry to reach out if they’re interested in participating.

“This is an industry that has and will find a way through – no matter how tough things get. Our mission is to ensure that BuildBook continues to support your business in the wake of it all,” stated Miller.

You can read the full announcement here to learn more or visit the program page to see how construction companies can apply.

BuildBook is a US-based technology startup that develops construction management software designed to help improve and simplify communication during projects for residential home builders, remodelers and their clients. The software allows it’s users to share progress updates & daily logs in an intuitive social-media style feed. Track client selections and decisions to keep everyone involved in a project on the same page. Increase referrals by improving the client experience. Process change orders without awkward conversations. Closeout projects on time through dead-simple punch list management.

BuildBook is focused on building construction management software that’s clean, simple to use and free from bloated features.


Source: BuildBook


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