All Hail the Queen: Jezebel Film in Development

LOS ANGELES, USA, March 26, 2022 / — Little Studio films and Azuria Films have announced their latest film collaboration: Jezebel, Mother of Harlots.

Hell Hath no Fury as a woman scorned. The original Bad Girl of the Bible, Queen Jezebel abetted by dark magic and evil forces, transforms into a power that makes her male counterparts submit to her. Her quest for control is not easy; her foes are strong, and the battles that ensue will be of historic proportions.

” This is the emotional journey behind the impulses of a woman who was actually strong-willed, politically astute, and courageous in a time where women had little status and no rights”,”

— Alexia Melocchi

Jezebel is the retelling of the Old Testament story of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. In the narrative, King Ahab ruled Israel and worshiped the Hebrew God Yahweh. But, Jezebel replaced that worship with her own gods. She disregarded the rights of the citizens and defied the great prophet, Elijah. This created great hardship for Israel, and she became the poster child of the “wicked woman.”

Screenwriter and producer Marina Albert puts her own spin on the story. Having written two female-centric films that are currently in development (Summer Wine and Maid in America), Albert knows her way around female protagonists. But Jezebel was a new challenge; to make a flawed woman into an anti-hero.

Albert, who founded her Australian-based company Azuria Films to create content that crosses borders, is thrilled to be working with US-based Little Studio Films, her management company, to develop and create a film that pushes “artistic creation.” Jezebel does just that, bending historical, action, and adventure tropes into something new.

“With the success of the Disney Villain theme films of Maleficent and Cruella, it is now time to change the narrative behind the emotional journey and motivations of a woman who was actually strong-willed, politically astute, and courageous in a time where women had little status and no rights”, says Alexia Melocchi, Albert’s manager.

Though a director is TBA, the team is confident in the talent the project will attract. In fact, there is already of six-part comic series of Jezebel now available. With fantastic art, a gripping plot, and a sneak peek at the upcoming film, the comics are a must-read.
The comic series Jezebel is available from Comixology and Amazon.


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