An All-Purpose Hair Transplant Harvesting Device – A First



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To perform the latest type of hair transplantation called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), hair transplant doctors have had to change tools to accommodate varying hair and scalp types or even turn away patients entirely because of their ethnicity or hair loss severity. Current FUE tools have been unable to successfully extract the follicle in varying FUE situations such as Afro-textured hair, body hair, non-shaven long hair, etc. This inability to treat certain patients leaves a significant community of individuals seeking treatment.

Harvesting Device
An All-Purpose Hair Transplant Harvesting Device – A First

The First All-Purpose FUE Hair Transplant Device
A recent publication in the Clinical Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology Journal, published by Dr. Sanusi Umar and his colleagues, describes a new device called Dr.UGraft® Zeus™ that is singly capable of successfully extracting hair follicles in all types of FUE situations.

Never before has one hair transplantation device using a single punch design been able to perform FUE for any situation, particularly on body hair, Afro-textured hair, and long hair. Utilizing body hair expands the donor pool and hair supply available for transplantation, thereby restoring even the most severely bald individuals. Usually, these individuals are considered poor hair transplant candidates. In addition, individuals with poor hair transplant outcomes whose donor supply was depleted by antiquated or poorly executed surgeries are also beneficiaries of this breakthrough invention.

When asked how he conceived of the invention, Dr. Sanusi Umar responded, “When I got into the hair transplant field, FUE in Afro-textured hair (such as my own) was considered the most challenging FUE scenario. Dreaded by FUE practitioners, all existing tools typically fail to deliver results in this demographic consistently. So I set out looking for a solution to this most difficult FUE challenge. It led to a different way of looking at FUE altogether.” This journey resulted in creating a single device that can perform all types of FUE: the Dr.UGraft® Zeus™.

The publication describes several patented and patent-pending inventions that led to the development of an “Intelligent Punch,” and its driver called the Zeus, which marks a paradigm shift that gave critical importance to skin thickness and firmness as a primary cause of inconsistent performance by prior FUE tools. The device intuitively auto navigates changing skin textures and the curly course of hair follicles deeply into their subsurface paths.

“With the Zeus, doctors will no longer turn away patients on account of their skin, hair type, or race as all humans can now benefit from this new FUE device,” said Dr. U.

Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and hair surgeons can now create a more inclusive and accommodating practice by adding the Zeus and its intuitive FUE technology to their toolboxes.


An All-Purpose Hair Transplant Harvesting Device – A First

SOURCE Dr. U Hair and Skin Clinic

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