Asian Hall of Fame Seeks Severe Penalties for Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

Hate Crime

CEO releases “Make Hate Crimes a Crime” call to action on social media

Hate Crimes

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 25, 2021/PRNewswire/ — Anti-Asian violence and open acts of hate against Asians of all nationalities continue to escalate in America and worldwide. Asian Hall of Fame, a global recognition program that advances equity, excellence and equality seeks more severe penalties for hate crimes against Asians and other vulnerable groups.

Hate crime laws can be made more effective if penalties were more severe. Increasing the severity of penalties would allow prosecutors to seek, and judges to impose, harsher punishments that better fit the seriousness of the crime. Just as importantly, it would demonstrate how strongly society condemns hatred that is based on irrational prejudice and ignorance.

“Hate crimes can hide behind lesser charges,” states CEO Maki Hsieh in a social media video. “Today 64% of Asian hate crime victims are women. Violence against women, against Asians, against vulnerable groups must stop. We must increase the severity of hate crime penalties and allow prosecutors to seek harsher punishments. Make hate crimes a crime.”

Forbes Council member and Chinese, Japanese, Korean-American CEO Maki Hsieh simultaneously serves as CEO of grant maker Robert Chinn Foundation, and belongs to the Recording Academy whose membership is 1% Asian female.

There are currently federal laws that punish hate crimes. Recent events show, however, that the laws have not been effective in deterring violence and harassment against individuals of Asian descent and other similarly targeted groups. State penalties range from the attorney general filing a civil rights complaint that carries a $2,000 fine to 18 states not tracking hate crimes and three omitting hate crime statutes in state law.

Asian Hall of Fame was established in 2004 by Robert Chinn Foundation, and raises public awareness of Asian contributions as a response to the lack of Asian stories in national narratives. It has honored martial arts icon Bruce Lee, Olympic skating champion Kristi Yamaguchi, legacy statesman Norman Mineta, and American journalist Connie Chung, among others.

The Asian Hall of Fame Stop Asian Hate campaign on GoFundMe raises awareness of systemic anti-Asian racism and benefits hate crime survivors matched by Robert Chinn Foundation.

About Robert Chinn Foundation:
Sixth-generation Robert Chinn Foundation is one of the first Asian family philanthropies in America and has awarded thousands of education equity, digital equity and arts equity grants. In 1960, Robert Chinn founded United Savings and Loan, the first Asian-owned bank in America in response to economic racism against Asians. Karen Wong, daughter of the Seattle financial pioneer, established Robert Chinn Foundation 35 years ago to develop equitable access to opportunities. She founded the Asian Resource Center, Asian Hall of Fame, and grant programs to help empower the Asian community.

About Asian Hall of Fame:
Asian Hall of Fame advances Asian excellence and serves as a vital partner in elevating Asian equity, equality, and cross-cultural narratives globally. Contact (206) 624-1195, or

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