Aston Productions brings Irish Folklore to Cannes with acclaimed short “Deirdre”

* Actress Tara Fitzgerald attached to the feature film adaptation. *

(LONDON, UK) – May 9th, 2017. – Henley based production company Aston Productions is proud to announce that their latest award-winning short film “Deirdre”, written and directed by Jo Southwell, will have a special screening in the city of Cannes during the Richard Harris International Film Festival showcase as well as a market screening at the Short Film Corner of the Festival de Cannes.

May 24th, 2017 at 8.00pm
Morrisons Irish Pub
8/10 Rue Teisseire, 06400 Cannes
Director, Producer, Cinematographer and actor Zeb Moore in attendance

Deirdre is the proof of concept short for a full-length feature film presently in development. Based on the Deirdre of the Sorrows folklore, this fascinating coming-of-age drama presents a darker Irish version of the Romeo and Juliet tale, with clan wars, passionate portrayals of emotions and the breathtaking backdrop of the Irish countryside in the 70’s.
“I grew up watching Star Wars, reading mythology, loving film and wanting to live in the worlds created on screen. Deirdre of the Sorrows is a nod to my Irish heritage, creating a female driven modern day myth and capturing the most beautiful Irish village on film. The journey to Cannes this year is all about making the feature film. This story needs to be told on the big screen!,” says writer/director Jo Southwell.

The cast of Deirdre is led by actress India Mullen currently known for her role in the crime drama series Red Rock, Sean Doyle, known for his role “Callum” in Fair City and Elaine Fox seen in Starz’ series Camelot. The role of Paddy is played by actor Zeb Moore known for his role “John” in Insidious Evil, who led his band of travellers throughout the film to create a warm, powerful and loveable rogue.
“Deirdre is a touching and evocative film. It is a thoughtfully told character driven story, which sheds light on how the clutches of guilt and shame can be handed down to the next generation in the form of emotional abuse. The performances are riveting, nuanced, and powerful,” says Clodagh Bowyer, Deputy Director of Irish Screen America who reviewed the film as part of the Irish Shorts Program at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

Aside from attending the screenings of their short in the French Riviera, director Jo Southwell and co-producer Katherine Selway will be at the Festival de Cannes to meet with potential partners for the feature film Deirdre of the Sorrows, which is presently in advanced stages of development. Actress Tara Fitzgerald of Game of Thrones fame is already attached to play the role of Mary, the mother.
“Working with an auteur, as is the case with Jo Southwell on Deirdre, is a gift… you have the possibility to get all the information you need for playing a character straight from the source – to be able learn of all their inspirations and desires. Why they behave the way they do. For me, Mary is a mighty and complex female role and she shares a relationship with her daughter that is ancient – as if from Greek mythology. Playing her I hope to unearth the truth of her damage, the softness or compassion that she has spent years trying to eradicate and to find that expression,” says actress Tara Fitzgerald.

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