Author Stephen A. Tillett Warns Don’t Believe the Lies About “Race” That Continue to Undermine Our Country

WASHINGTON, Jan. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Stephen A. Tillett, author of Stop Falling for the Okeydoke: How the Lie of “Race” Continues to Undermine Our Country [iUniverse; 978-1-5320-1-9; $15.99; paperback] announced the release of his new Book Trailer, “LIES.” His book and Book Trailer are available on his company’s website at Tillett, the Anne Arundel County, Maryland NAACP Branch President, a political activist and an interfaith clergy leader, is also the 2018 “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Peacemaker Award” recipient. He received this prestigious award at the 30th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Awards Dinner held on Friday, January 12, 2018after being nominated by the Anne Arundel County Chapter of Peace Action.

Tillett noted, as Dr. King once said, “We must learn to live together as brothers or (we will) perish together as fools.” He states, “One of the biggest lies we have been told that has damaged our country from the beginning is the lie of ‘race’…that different ethnic groups are completely different ‘races.’ In fact, at the genetic level, the DNA of every human on the planet is 99.9% the same. But that foundational lie has helped to undergird a system that keeps all poor and struggling people at each other’s throats while the chief offenders keep getting paid. It’s all about greed and I say, No More!”

Praise for “Stop Falling For It”…

“It’s time to admit that God created one race, the HUMAN race, and that human beings created racism. Anything we can create, we can destroy. Reading this book will help people realize how, when, and why it’s time to get busy and do that very thing.” – Ms. Jane Elliott, Creator of the “Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes” Exercise

“This book is leading edge thinking and it will have a big impact on America and the world!”- Dr. Willie Jolley, Best-selling author of A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback

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About the author:
Stephen A. Tillett is a native Washingtonian, who received a B.A. from the School of Government and Public Administration at The American University; and earned a Masters of Divinity degree at the Howard University School of Divinity. Pastor Tillett was commissioned as a Chaplain in the Air National Guard in December 1996. He concluded his military career in a Special Duty Assignment at Arlington National Cemetery, where he served until his retirement in January 2017. He is the Pastor of Asbury Broadneck UMC in Annapolis, MD, and the President of the Anne Arundel County Branch of the NAACP. He is the father of three children. He, and his wife, Dr. Sherita Gaskins-Tillett, and daughter reside in Maryland.

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