Axion Announces New Season 4 and Major Content Update to Original Title ‘MARS

VANCOUVER, June 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – Axion Ventures Inc. (“Axion” or the “Company”) (TSX VENTURE: AXV; OTCQX: AXNVF) is pleased to announce a major content update, scheduled to be launched on July 9th, to the Company’s original game, ‘MARS’, which is entering its 9th year of monetization and has outlasted the typical PC game life cycle for comparable titles. MARS was originally launched in 2011 and has achieved over over 23 million downloads worldwide (17 million in China alone). This massive content update is the largest that Axion has produced for the title in 24 months and represents over 9 months of tuning by Axion’s development team at its Shanghai HQ.

Gameplay Screenshot from MARS Season 4 (CNW Group/Axion Ventures Inc.)

Axion expects that this update, dubbed ‘MARS Season 4’, will increase the download rate and daily revenue capture as there has not been such a major content update for the game since 2017.

“MARS Season 4 is the product of over 9 months of highly talented developers not only creating new content but also drastically augmenting the gameplay of our first launched title to compliment the changing market trends in gameplay,” stated Todd Bonner, CEO and Chairman of Axion. “MARS has been able to withstand the test of time and still, in its 9th year of monetization, has a strong following in China and we anticipate that the new content and gameplay modes included in Season 4 will increase the revenue capture, of which nearly 100% flows back to Axion. MARS was produced by Axion while the Company was still under a joint venture with Epic Games and was the last game launched from our studio prior to our flagship game, Rising Fire, for which optimism remains high as it is being disseminated by Tencent through their WeGame platform in China.”

MARS Season 4 | What’s New


Third-Person Shooter (TPS) with both PvE & PvP modes (PC)


121 in Total | 74 PvE Maps & 46 PvP Maps


Over 200 weapons

New Mode:

‘Infinity Dimensions’ – focuses on the completion of quests, divided into 15 difficulty levels and players can only advance from level to level by completing tasks within a specific time limit. If a player fails to move on within the time limit, they can either purchase a pass or complete further side quests to extend timing.


Free-to-Play with various in-game purchases including weapons, gift packs, skins and equipment.

Axion will be distributing a trailer and gameplay footage for MARS Season 4 in the near future. This title will be distributed under the title QQSM3.5, its Chinese acronym.

About Axion

Axion is a video game company with majority ownership in Axion Games, an online video game development and publishing company headquartered in Shanghai, China as well as in True Axion Interactive Ltd., its video game development company headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand cofounded with True Corporation.

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