Barefoot’s Limited-Edition Celebrates the Strength and Resilience of the LGBTQ+ Community

Continuing to #MarchOnward as a longtime ally to the LGBTQ+ community, Barefoot proudly launches its new, limited-edition Pride Packaging Collection. The collection comes in four unique designs, with each design honoring the strength and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community.

Barefoot Pride Packaging Collection

A portion of the proceeds, up to $60,000, will benefit Free Mom Hugs, a non-profit organization consisting of parents and allies who love the LGBTQ+ community and work toward full affirmation and equality for all. Free Mom Hugs was founded by Sara Cunningham, who became an accidental activist when she wore a homemade button with the words “Free Mom Hugs” to a Pride parade to support her gay son.  She received hundreds of hugs from attendees whose parents abandoned them when they came out.  She later had a social media post go viral when she volunteered to be a “stand-in mom” at LGBTQ+ weddings.

In addition to the many educational programs Free Mom Hugs hosts annually, the organization embarks on its signature Free Mom Hugs Tour visiting cities and sites of historical significance to the LGBTQ+ community. This year, Barefoot will be a proud supporter as the tour becomes a virtual experience to celebrate Pride during the 2020 season.

“Free Mom Hugs is overjoyed to have a partner in Barefoot, a brand deeply committed to celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and supporting our mission to advocate for and advance equality and acceptance for all. This donation allows us to continue providing educational resources and training programs to support the LGBTQ+ community and their families. The needs have exponentially increased during this challenging year for the LGBTQ+ community. We are looking forward to when we can hug again,” says Sara Cunningham, Founder of Free Mom Hugs.

Each of Barefoot’s four new vibrant Pride Packaging Collection designs celebrates those who have made a significant impact on the community during Barefoot’s 30+ year history of allyship and will be featured on packaging of Barefoot Brut Rosé Bubbly bottles and Barefoot Rosé Spritzer cans. Each Pride Packaging Collection design pays tribute to distinct groups of people or organizations, including:

  • Community members and allies who have fought for marriage equality
  • LGBTQ+ trailblazers around the world who publicly use their voices to celebrate the community and advocate for LGBTQ+ causes
  • The decades-long efforts of the heroic service organizations who have fought the HIV and AIDS epidemic and supported those impacted
  • Pride celebrations around the world that bring millions of people together to honor the community and advocate for equality

“As a longstanding LGBTQ+ ally, our unique and fun limited-edition Pride Packaging Collection serves as a tribute to the LGBTQ+ community,” says Anna Bell, Vice President of Marketing at Barefoot.

“We are so honored to provide support to a wonderful and necessary organization, Free Mom Hugs,” adds Bell. “Barefoot is inspired by the work that this organization does to advocate for, and celebrate, the LGBTQ+ community. This is especially true this year when we know how important it is to connect to our communities.”

Four-packs of Barefoot Brut Rosé Bubbly featuring the limited-edition Pride Packaging Collection designs are now available to purchase on The Barrel Room. The full collection will be available to purchase in stores nationwide starting May 1.

About Barefoot®
Barefoot®, the most awarded wine and bubbly brand in U.S. competitions, can be found worldwide bearing the fun and iconic footprint label. Barefoot offers 20 types of still wine available for an SRP of $6 for 750 mL bottles, $11 for 1.5-liter bottles, $19 for Barefoot On Tap 3L Box, and $5 for Barefoot Wine-To-Go. Barefoot Bubbly® sparkling wine offers 11 different styles of bubbly and special packaging collections, with an SRP of $9. Barefoot® also offers wine-based spritzer cans made in a fizzy and light wine style with added hints of fruit flavor. Barefoot Spritzer™ has seven flavors — available in 8.4 oz. cans nationwide, with an SRP $8 for a four-pack and $2 for singles. Barefoot Hard Seltzer comes in 4 flavors and is one of the only wine-based hard seltzers on the market! For only 70 calories per 8.4 oz can, and an SRP of $8 for a four-pack, what’s not to love?

About Free Mom Hugs
This mission of Free Mom Hugs is to empower the world to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community through visibility, education and conversation…and yes, we still give hugs. The registered non-profit organization is made up of parents and allies who love the LGBTQ+ community unconditionally and are working toward full affirmation and equality for all through its 50 chapters throughout the United States. Philanthropic gifts of all sizes support efforts to advocate for equality for the LGBTQ+ community by providing resources, education, and support at community events. To learn more, please visit

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June 6, 2022 10:49 am

[…] Barefoot’s Limited-Edition Celebrates the Strength and Resilience of the LGBTQ+ Community […]