Black-Owned Crowdfunding Platform, Black Money Builder, Debuts First Campaign

Uplift our young brothers and sisters by raising money to provide 50 young boys with fresh haircuts before going back to school.

Black Money Builder
Black Money Builder Crowdfunding Campaign: Young King Rock Your Crown


Black Money Builder crowdfunding platform is for us and by us. It is a call-to-action to help lift up our community which is often marginalized, and do our part to change lives. Back-to-school season is here, and what better way to feel confident and excited about your first day of school than with a fresh new haircut. For Our Kids New York is partnering with local barbershops across New York City to offer 50 lucky young boys free haircuts for back to school. In addition to a free visit to the barbershop, these young men will also receive books for their enjoyment. A video game truck will be available for them to enjoy and make new friends while they await their turn for a fresh cut. This will give them the opportunity to socialize with the other local children and have fun while doing so.

The philosophy behind the crowdfunding campaign is that doing good starts with feeling good. For Our Kids New York is raising money for these 50 young men through black-owned crowdfunding platform, Black Money Builder. The campaign, Young King: Rock Your Crown, is Black Money Builder’s first crowdfunding campaign since it’s Juneteenth launch this year. CEO Justin Shaw is proud to represent the campaign and encourages everyone to create more campaigns that empower the future generation of Black men and women and bring joy to Black lives around us.


The crowdfunding campaign, Young King: Rock Your Crown has taken the initiative to motivate, empower and inspire young Black men to feel confident in their bodies and in themselves. The founder of the campaign, Nathalie Riobe, plans on partnering with local organizations in the future, to guide these young people and “build a bridge through mentorship”. This is just the first step towards the better, as Riobe believes that change in our community will come one child at a time.

There is still time to donate to the campaign, which ends on September 2nd of this year, and has yet to reach 50% of its $4000 goal. You can show your support by heading to and donating to the cause. If you know someone in need of medical assistance, support, financial relief or to fuel personal endeavors, start a campaign TODAY with Black Money Builder and start making a difference for our brothers and sisters.

Black Money Builder Crowdfunding Campaign: Young King Rock Your Crown

SOURCE Black Money Builder

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