Blowout Pal Helps Families Continue Celebrations Safely Without Spreading Germs During Quarantine and Social Distancing

Blowout Pal has launched its revolutionary product to protect families during celebrations by limiting the spread of germs from special moments like blowing out your birthday candles. Blowout Pal, made from acrylic plastic, protects the cake from germs and bacteria transferred by the guest-of-honor while also acting as a dual-purpose kitchen food cover to protect and store food between celebrations.

With coronavirus, self-quarantine, and #socialdistancing circulating in today’s climate, it’s important to limit the spread of germs and bacteria to minimize the risk of contamination. Families and friends social distancing together can still celebrate safely with the Blowout Pal.

Customers can pre-purchase the product through the official Indiegogo campaign, a platform the brand is using to raise capital for production cost. Those purchased through Indiegogo will receive a special discounted price of $19.99 (without platter) and $24.99 (with platter).

The Statistics To Back It Up

According to a study published in the 2017 Journal of Food Research, bacterial transfers happen when the guest of honor blows out their birthday candles are significantly more than we realize. This study examined the potential spread of bacteria when blowing out candles on a birthday cake, claiming blowing out the candles over the icing resulted in 1400% more bacteria compared to icing not blown on. Due to the transfer of oral bacteria by blowing out birthday candles, the transfer of bacteria and microorganisms from the respiratory tract to food consumed by others is likely.

About the Inventor

Blowout Pal is the genius product designed by inventor Brian Donnelly (who is seen in the promotional video for the product). He connected with celebrity inventor coach, Brian Fried, who helped Donnelly navigate the process of taking his idea to market.

“Working with Brian has been great,” said Inventor Coach Brian Fried. “He worked diligently through the process of building the prototype and was adamant about acquiring the proper patents for Blowout Pal – which he did successfully. I guided him from taking his idea to 3D CAD-design, prototypes, and making decisions throughout. He then decided to manufacture Blowout Pal and start his own business.”

For more information on Blowout Pal visit  For questions regarding the inventor, please contact Jessica Rafaeil at 404-936-0191 or

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